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Our District Governor has issued a challenge for all District clubs that has the potential to have a major positive impact on the quality of education in Southern Arizona and benefit children and families across our District.  We know from major research studies that for every $1 spent on Early Childhood Development, the community receives a $16 return in reduced poverty, school dropout reduction and community economic development.
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Posted on May 07, 2017
Guided by the findings, six focus groups with women in rural communities, this Community and Economic Development project  trained 35 women of child-bearing age from four Ugandan communities in Empowerment skills. Topics such as: Disease Prevention, Gender Issues, Computers and Business Development on the Internet, Education for Female as well as Male, Antenatal Health, Genito-Urinary Fistulas, and Strategic Planning for Community Development of Village Businesses, Domestic Violence, Micro-Credits, Social Justice, and Solar Power were a few that took place.This opened up discussions and ideas that would be taken back to their villages as well as neighboring villages. "spreading the information"
During the Rotary Family Health Days April 28-30th, the trainees designed and staffed "Women's Interests" booths providing information and referrals to women from rural villages on health, education, domestic violence, business development, and social justice.
Lead Trainer PDG Dr. Phil Silvers PhD.
The VTT Members
Lead by Dr. Indumati Gopinathan. Included in Photo Left to Right: Jemimah Semakadde,Dr. Indumati Gopinathan, Sarah Mbekeka,Dr. Anil Bradoo, Theresa Osei-Tutu, Dr. Phil Silvers PhD, Margaret Atyro, Diane Ventura-Goodyear. Missing in photo, PDG Stephen Mwanje, Flavia Nakayima Miiro, and Dr. Fulgensio Jjuuko
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Posted by Ray Naylor
Ray Naylor

District 5500 Rotary Literacy

The Rotary Foundation has identified six areas of focus as part of the new “Future Vision” for Rotary.

One of the areas of focus is “Basic Education and Literacy”.

The Rotary Foundation promotes Education and Literacy for all by:

·               Ensuring that children have access to quality basic education

·               Reducing gender disparity in education

·               Increasing adult literacy

·               Strengthening the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy

           ·          Supporting studies related to basic education and literacy

Contact Info: rwnaylor@comcast.net
Home: 520-299-6643  Cell: 520-730- 9943
“Literacy, like Water, is an essential ingredient for human life”
Betty Stauffer a Literacy Leader in our community

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