Casino Del Sol COVID 19 Safety Precautions

Casino Del Sol prides itself on providing our valued guests a safe place to relax and unwind. The following safety measures have contributed to our success to maintain a clean and safe entertainment destination.

  • Vaccinated guests do not have to wear masks. For those who are not vaccinated we encourage the use of masks
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available at all entry points and placed throughout the property
  • We utilize hospital grade disinfectants throughout the resort/casino to sanitize
  • Plexiglass barriers have been placed throughout the property
  • Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas, Zeboz Bar and Tropico Lounge
  • Guests and Team members are required to observe social distancing and stay at least six (6) feet away from others when standing in lines, using elevators, and otherwise moving about the property
  • Our team is busy throughout the day cleaning and disinfecting slot machines, ATMs and kiosks
  • Dinning outlets have reduced seating capacity and can now seat parties of 6 or less without requiring identification

We will continually evaluate our safety protocols to ensure that we always have the wellbeing of our community in mind.



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International Day of Peace - September 21
Celebrate International Day of Peace – and support girl empowerment!

To mark International Day of Peace (21 September) this year, we are encouraging clubs and districts to prioritize projects that improve the health, well-being, education, and economic security of girls in their communities and around the world.

Shekhar Mehta is asking clubs to take on an initiative, district grant, or global grant that engages members of their community in a project that will protect and empower girls and increase equity by ensuring their access to resources that will improve their lives.

Equality is a fundamental human right, and it's necessary for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. Still, girls and women worldwide face inequities in areas including health and education and experience significant violence and disproportionate poverty.
After your event, share about it by posting to the Days of Service campaign on Rotary Showcase. Remember to use the tag ‘EmpoweringGirls2021’ or ‘EG2021’.
To learn more, see the Presidential Initiative website, and download Rotary’s Empowering Girls brochure and the Rotary Youth Protection guide.
Rotary shares an interest in protecting our common legacy:

New Rotary Club with Environmental Focus Has Been Formed

A new Rotary club has just been formed in Tucson with 31 charter members. The name of the new club is Rotary Club of Tucson Verde and its club programs, projects and activities will focus on environmental issues. This is the first Rotary club in Arizona that is environmental-based. We believe the new club will appeal to members who want to be informed and work on issues like climate change, conservation, and environmental sustainability. There are 16 other Rotary clubs in the Tucson area and we will partner with these clubs on tackling problems related to the environment here locally. What can we do for you? We’re ready to take action realizing that the world and our Tucson area specifically is our backyard and we see the effects of climate change in our community that we care about.

  Right now we have 6 categories of projects to include:


Resource Conservation




       Outreach and Education

We’re serious about the environment and committed to protecting the planet in any way that we can, starting here locally. 


Our first project?  Removing Bufflegrass