Congratulations to District Governor-elect Sue Archibald and District Governor-nominee Bruce Monro for completing their respective GETS (Governor Elect Training Seminar) and GNTS (you get it) at the Zones 26 & 27 Institute in San Diego recently. They were joined at the Institute by past and present District Governors and Rotaract leaders at breakout sessions and presentations focused on multi-club service opportunities, mental health initiatives and more, including discussions with Rotary International President-elect Stephanie Urchick. 

L-R: DGN Bruce Monro, Dan Himelspach, Zone 26/27 RI Director, Stephanie Urchick, RI President-Elect, and DGE Sue Archibald

L-R: PDG Kirk Reed, DGE Sue Archibald, DG Don Jorgensen, DGN Bruce Monro, DGNE Emma Carrillo, and PDG Anita McDonald