A group of third graders are going to be receiving a special gift: the gift of words.

SaddleBrooke members (l-r) Deb Ruhe, New Generations Chair Monica Oszust and Jim Fraioli

The Rotary dictionary project is a nationwide effort to provide young students with their own personal dictionary. Members of the Saddlebrooke Rotary Club distributed the dictionaries to students in third grade at Mountain Vista Elementary school, San Manuel Elementary school, and Coronado Elementary school. The students treasure receiving and writing their names in their own copy of the dictionary and an added literacy benefit is that the whole family gains as the dictionaries are taken home.

This dictionary is filled with more than just words and definitions. It also includes a mini encyclopedia filled with math facts about US Presidents and math conversion tables.

Many of the children who receive the dictionaries come from homes where English is a second language and may not have access to a lot of resources. Rotary members say seeing the joy on the children's faces when they learn the book is theirs to keep makes the project worthwhile.