November is Rotary Foundation Month
About a year ago, two Rotarians – one in Italy and one in the USA - developed a Global Grant project that could be replicated by interested Rotary clubs and districts. Ukraine’s Ministry of Health had identified a need for medical clinics to be placed along the eastern border of the war zone to provide medical services to the towns and villages where medical facilities had been destroyed.

Rotarians and The Rotary Foundation stepped up to the plate. There were 21 Global Grants established, 2 Disaster Grants and 17 Rotary districts and numerous Rotary clubs joined in to fund the “Grant in a Box” project worth $1.9M.  

49 Mobile Emergency Clinics (MEC) were deployed in Ukraine to support the local communities and provide much needed medical care. Now medical personnel have everything they need to provide quality care in these difficult war conditions. Each unit treats 30-100 people a day.  These are the Annual Fund contributions you give to The Rotary Foundation at work.

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