Congratulations to these District 5500 Rotary Clubs for receiving ShelterBox HERO recognition for Quarter 2 of the Rotary Year!
Casa Grande Daybreak
Dove Mountain
Marana (Silver)
Tucson Kino 
A Bronze HERO recognition level is achieved at $1,000, Silver at $3,000, Gold at $5,000, and Platinum at 10K in total giving within the Rotary year. 
In 2023, Shelterbox supported more than 325,000 people (approximately 65,000 households) in 13 countries.                                   

In 2023 Shelterbox supported thousands of people in Türkiye and Syria after earthquakes devastated the region. In Morocco, where a powerful earthquake had caused widespread damage in the Atlas Mountains, our teams worked with our partners to distribute emergency shelter aid to around 20 affected communities. 

East Africa has been victim to the worst drought in 40 years, causing millions of people to be displaced. We've supported thousands of people in Ethiopia this year providing essential household items, tarpaulins, and ropes for people who have been displaced. We also launched our first project in Somalia since 2011 and have so far been able to provide support for hundreds of people, with additional projects in the pipeline for 2024.

As the conflict in Ukraine approaches its third year, we are delivering our sixth project in the country supporting thousands more people with winter clothing, blankets, and stoves. We are continuing to support people affected by conflict in Syria with winterization projects too, making sure people have thermal clothing, blankets, and tarpaulins to help make temporary shelters waterproof. 

In Cameroon, we've supported over 100,000 people who have had to flee their homes due to conflict, the climate crisis, and poverty. Our latest project in the country has supported over 63,000 people with shelter.

Here are two short videos to watch at your next meeting and share on social media:
We are ShelterBox:  CLICK HERE  
The Power of Partnership:  CLICK HERE  
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