September is the month I always love because of the Fall foliage back in upstate NY and here in AZ, particularly in Flagstaff where my son attended NAU. The colors are so vibrant and warm - golds and oranges, reds, and deep purples. Do you know what the “Just for Fun Days” in September are?
National Happy Cat Month
September 8: National Hug Your Hound Day
September 13: Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day
September 19: International Talk Like a Pirate Day
September 24: National Punctuation Day

More importantly, September is Rotary’s Basic Education and Literacy Month. Here are some statistics you might not know: worldwide, 67 million children have no access to education, and more than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. Rotarians support educational projects that provide technology, teacher training, vocational training teams,
student meal programs, and low-cost textbooks to communities. Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy.
 How does your Club celebrate Rotary’s Basic Education and Literacy Month? Approximately 56 percent of all District Grants are spent on Basic Education and Literacy.     This year the District is coordinating the Rotary Dictionary Project. We have a new Dictionary Coordinator, Monique Soria  
moniquesoria18@gmail.comfrom the Kino Rotary Club.
     Is your club participating in the Dictionary Project? It’s not too late! Did you know that the dictionary may be the only book that a student can call his or her own?  Many teachers in schools use it as part of their lesson plans. A dictionary is so much more than just definitions in a book. It includes punctuation rules, weights and measures, the periodic table of elements, U.S. Presidents, and even a brief lesson in Civics. A youngster can open up this dictionary and daydream about the planets, travel around the world as he or she views the illustrations of continents, and can learn about the flowers of our 50 states. Visit this link: https://www.dictionaryproject.org/
     Education is essential for everyone.  Please consider taking part in a District Grant to support this cause; there is still money available for qualified clubs.


Fall is also the time to make pledges to the Rotary Foundation that will ultimately support Basic Education and Literacy. I would like you to make it a goal this month to generate your Login Id on Rotary.org’s website and donate using Rotary Direct. https://my.rotary.org/en/rotary-direct

  Happy September and remember to fully experience this month!