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Thursday, April 1, 2021
April Message From
District Governor Diane Ventura-Goodyear 
Welcome to April
     The Rotary focus in April is on Maternal and Child Health. Many poor living conditions contribute to a high rate of mortality among newborns and child-bearing women. In April, we concentrate on the efforts that Rotarians and Rotary International are making to correct this situation.  Look at these statistics, a real eye-opener; according to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 830 women die every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and delivery.  In countless cases, this is due to the lack of education and the proper lifesaving equipment, so readily available in most developed countries.   Improper sanitation is another major cause of child mortality across the globe due to the spread of infectious diseases. 
     In 2017, I personally had the experience of a lifetime, when I accompanied a Vocational Training Team (VTT) in Uganda – Empowering Women. I was able to experience the impact and power of Rotary. The information that was taught to the Ugandan women showed me that Rotary recognized the importance of working directly with women for their own betterment, the betterment of their families, which, in turn, is the advancement of communities. An experience I shall never forget. “if you educate a woman, you educate a nation." (African Proverb)
     Let’s focus now on Rotary District 5500. 2020-21 has been an unusual journey for many Rotary Clubs. I can say that with assurance that, because of these circumstances, we have experienced the emergence of outstanding Club leadership across our District. As challenging as it has been, we have many Clubs that have risen to the occasion and figured out a way to continue the good work of Rotary in communities across Southern AZ. For this, and for the leadership in Clubs, I feel extremely proud. Clubs took “outside the box” to a different level.  They actually threw out the box ! and experimented with doing things differently. 
     Additionally, I want to give a shout-out to all our District 5500 leaders who have taken what have been traditional Rotary programs into virtual platforms.  That will remain with District 5500 for a long time and offer opportunities that were never available before. For example, the traditional District Assembly Training was converted and streamlined to an online format, the virtual Membership Seminar (make M&M’s), Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) became completely online, and, with the use of Zoom, students are able to have a virtual study-group at the Rotary Leadership Academy (RLA).
     On April 17th, our District will present a virtual Four-Way Test Speech Contest, a chance for young adults to use video in a virtual setting and, on June 4-5th, our District will have the opportunity to experience a virtual District Conference that will benefit the Annual Fund (Those funds will be returned to our District in the future to assist in Grants across our Southern AZ communities as well as across the globe.)
     When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, except my version is “make Limoncello”!
     Given these challenges, District 5500 Rotarians are rising to the occasion. I thank everyone, (You know who you are.) for saying “We can do this.”, “Let’s give it a try.” instead of “We’ve never done it this way before.”, or “It just can’t be done.
      Finally, I will leave you with some fascinating facts and events happening in April!
  • Those who were born in April have a diamond as their birthstone – (who doesn’t love a diamond?!)
  • On April 15, 1912, the famous ship, the "Titanic", that cost $7.5 Million in 1912 hit an iceberg and sunk on her first and only voyage. (For the record, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet starred in the movie Titanic that grossed $2.2 Billion.)
  • On April 11, 1970, on Apollo 13, Jack Swigert saw a warning light that accompanied the bang, and said, "Houston, we've had a problem here."  Sorry Tom Hanks, you actually misquoted!
  • For all the car enthusiasts out there, Ford unveiled their first Mustang on April 17, 1964, costing $2,368. (My first car was a retro 1965 Mustang!)
  • Then there is the infamous April 1st, April Fool’s Day!, when the British news network aired a three-minute segment about Swiss spaghetti farmers plucking long strands of pasta straight from tree branches, hundreds of unsuspecting viewers wrote in asking how they could cultivate their own spaghetti tree. The BBC replied with surety: “Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best.” The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest” — which aired, unsurprisingly, on April 1 — has been declared one of the greatest April Fools pranks all of all time. It was the first time any major news organization had used television to “bamboozle” its audience so thoroughly. (*Panorama – Journalist Richard Dimbleby) See the video link below!
     Lastly, and most seriously, those Clubs that are planning on meeting in person, please take every precaution to protect all our Rotary members. As all members become fully vaccinated, and the virus is behind us, you will be happy that your Rotary Club erred on the side of caution.
Yours in Rotary
Diane Ventura-Goodyear
District Governor 2020-21
The Rotary Club of Old Pueblo                          (from Patrick Kerr)
     On Saturday, February 27, 2021, members of the Old Pueblo Rotary Club volunteered their time and support for a Trees for Tucson community service project sponsored by Tucson Clean & Beautiful. 
    The members included: Karen Riddle, the Club’s Service Project Coordinator, Paul Wagner, Dante Archangeli, Paul Hawkins, Joe Davey, and Doug Robson.  The Rotary team spent roughly two hours planting eight trees of various species in several residential yards and one business in Tucson's Sugar Hill Neighborhood.
     Trees for Tucson is an urban forestry program of Tucson Clean & Beautiful.  Trees for Tucson provides low-cost desert-appropriate trees to shade and beautify neighborhoods, schools, homes, and businesses.
     Old Pueblo Rotary Club is an engaged group of business and civic-minded men and women who want to create change in the world and in Tucson through service to others.  From literacy and water conservation to family health, Old Pueblo is committed to bettering our community.
   In total, the Sugar Hill Neighborhood Association, Tucson volunteers, and Rotary Club members have added 38 new trees throughout the neighborhood and four to Mansfield Park near the Community Gardens of Tucson.
The Rotary Club of Oro Valley              (from Joe Daniszewski)
Camp Lawton Boy Scout Camp Service Project Day, Saturday, April 24, 2021
     Please join us for April 24, 2021, Camp Lawton Boy Scout Camp Service Day:
     Hours - 8:30 am - 3 pm
     Lunch will be served.
     Work projects - trail maintenance, fire mitigation, chapel maintenance, painting prep and painting, oiling the Dining Hall and general clean up.
     Bring - water, gloves, hats, sunscreen, masks, rakes, shovels and pickaxes.
     Camp Lawton is just off Mt. Lemmon Highway, 12900 E Organization Ridge Road.
     RSVP to Joe Daniszewski, jndaniszewski1@gmail.com or call or text at 520-245-4350.
The Rotary Club of Benson                              (from Joe Daniszewski)
     The Benson Rotary Club has completed planting Peace Poles in the Benson Visitor Center and at the Benson Hospital.
In the Benson Visitor Center 
     From left: Joe D., Bob Nilson from the Visitor Center,  Glenn Nelson, Irene Frey, Jason Zibart, and Mahlon Mackenzie)
     At the Benson Hospital
     Left photo. From left: Jason Zibart, Glenn Nelson, and Irene Frey
Right photo. From left: Jason Zibart, Bob Lujan, and Irene Frey
RY 2021-2022 District Grant Management Seminar
(from DG Diane Ventura-Goodyear)
    Is your Club interested in tackling a District Grant Project next Rotary year and receiving up to $6000 in matching grant funds? One of the key Club qualification requirements is that two members of your club need to view the District’s Grant Management Seminar. This year it is easier than ever; simply view the 35-minute YouTube video at this link:
     Or at the District Training Center:
     Once complete, just report to your Club President AND Club President-Elect that you’ve viewed the video (no quiz, no test!!).  As part of the District Grant Application, they’ll be asked to attest that two members of their Club have viewed the Seminar.
    District Grant Applications for next year are due by Thursday, July 15, 2021.  The application template can be found on the District’s website.  (Just Google “D5500 District Grants” to easily navigate to that page.  Google “D5500 Club Qualification” to get information to ensure that your Club gets fully qualified).

In, 2021, Rotary is Celebrating 100 years in Southern Arizona!                                 (from District Administrator Liz Cohn)
The Rotary Clubs of 
  • Miami Copper Cities
  • Nogales
  • Tucson                   
                                       were all founded in 1921.  
      To commemorate the centennial year, the District has issued a 100-mile challenge to all Rotary Clubs in District 5500.  
      Click on the blue links for an informational flyer and order form for t-shirts.
      The deadline to order shirts is April 15th.
      Submit the total number of miles walked wkirkreed@gmail.com by May 31, 2921,
      Let's all put on our walking shoes and participate in this fun and healthy challenge.
Rotary's Learning Center now on Mobile Devices
(from RI Learning Center)
Rotary Youth Exchange Suspended  (from RI President Holgar                                                                                                                                  Knaack)
     "To ensure that our legacy continues, these valuable, life-changing experiences must build from a foundation of safety and well-being for all our students, families and communities. To that end, Rotary’s Board of Directors has been regularly monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities around the world to determine whether it is safe to reinstate the Youth Exchange program for the 2021-22 school year.
     With the continued uncertainty of the pandemic and COVID-19 virus variants, inconsistent disease mitigation efforts, and the global imbalance of vaccine access, the Board has decided to suspend the Youth Exchange program through 30 June 2022.
     The Board’s decision was informed by scientific data, global health guidance and a number of factors required to guarantee a safe, equitable and quality experience. Careful consideration was also given to ease and availability of international travel, access to medical care and insurance coverage, school delays and closure, the potential financial impact on participants’ families and on Rotary volunteers.
     Given the global imbalance of access to the COVID-19 vaccine and the financial impact of the pandemic, many areas of the world would be unable to participate in 2021. Moving forward with only the limited number of participating countries with access to the vaccine would contradict Rotary’s core value of fairness and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
     Our ability to meet in person is limited now, but we know that Rotary Opens Opportunities, always. Now is the time to get ready, so that, when the pandemic is behind us, Rotary’s Youth Exchange program will come back stronger than before, serving a world that is yearning to reconnect."
     Holger Knaack
     President, Rotary International 2020-21
The Rotary Club of Marana                    (from Don Jorgensen)
Community Shredding Event
     If you have documents or old electronics that need shredding or recycling, please consider our Shredding fundraiser on Saturday, April 17, 2021.
     Get rid of your documents and support our local and global humanitarian projects at the same time!
     The Rotary Club of Marana will host a drive-through or drop-off community shredding event on Saturday, April 17, 2021, from 9:00 to 12 noon. The event will take place at the Harkins Theater parking lot, 5755 W. Arizona Pavilions Dr. in Marana, near I-10 and Cortaro Rd.  (All COVID protocols will be observed.)
      Document shredding and small electronics recycling will be offered for a donation of $20 per car, up to 3 boxes or bags, $10 for each additional box, and $10 for each electronic item. Donations are tax-deductible.
      All proceeds from the community fundraiser will support the Marana Rotary Club’s many local, national and global humanitarian projects.  Recent projects include the purchase of special air filters for Marana High School special-needs classrooms, an adaptive playground for a local elementary school, Marana Community Food Bank, health projects in Mexico and education projects in Cameroon. 
     Suggested items to shred include old tax returns, old files, bank statements, medical records, credit card statements, etc.
     Electronic items accepted for destruction or recycling include cell phones, telephones, laptop and desktop computers, computer accessories, small copiers and printers, CD players, and various small electronics like alarm clocks, radios, CD drives.     
      The Rotary Club of Marana is an open, non-partisan, non-political organization that believes in “Service above Self.”  Membership provides a way to connect to the community, to network professionally, and participate in local and global service projects with people who want to act for a better world. The Rotary Club of Marana is proud to be designated a global “Peacebuilder Club.”
     For more information about the Community Shredding Event or the Rotary Club of Marana, contact Don Jorgensen (donjorgensen@comcast.net.) or 520-906-9148
Thank you.
Donald G. Jorgensen, Ph.D.
The Rotary Club of Tucson Sunrise         (from Myron Donald)
"Share The Love" Project
     On Saturday, March 13, 2021, Wanda Nordlie, Isabel Banerjee, Steve Cox, Anne Harman, Carolyn Monjoi, Tom Cariseo, Rebecca Craig, Mary Guss, Georg Haubner, Dan Gregory from the Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center, and Wanda’s friend, Barbara Lunsford from Caldwell Banker stuffed 48 “Share the Love” duffel Bags and 24 hygiene bags.
     24 red duffel bags for children from 4-10 years old:
           12 for girls - florescent green luggage tags
           12 for boys - black luggage tags
     24 blue duffel bags for children/teens from 11-18 years old:
           12 for girls - florescent orange luggage tags
           12 for boys - red luggage tags
           12 teen girl’s feminine hygiene bags
           12 teen boy’s hygiene bags

 Taylor Lewis and Jessi Ivey of Lewis + Ivey Salon presented Wanda Nordlie with a check for $250 for the "Share The Love" Project.  The Project provides duffel bags with helpful items to provide some comfort and joy in support of the Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center.
New Member Margo Susco
     Margo Susco is a native to Tucson. She comes from a very close Italian-Greek family with roots in Chicago, Illinois, and, before that, Bari/Mola di Bari, Italy and Thessaloniki, Greece. 
     Margo graduated from Sabino High School and then from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Business. Two days after graduation, she moved to Spain and taught English.  A marketing job brought her back to the States to Seattle and then LA, before moving home and opening a downtown Tucson clothing store.  After 23 years, she closed the stores in Tucson, Bisbee and Rome, Italy, she joined the Tucson Police Department as its Community Engagement Coordinator.
     She is an avid stamp collector, loves big band music, ballroom dancing, and volunteering at the Pima Air Museum.
     Volunteerism is very important to Margo; she has volunteered with World War II and Korean War veterans for a very long time, is the Commander of the Korean War Veterans, Pima Chapter, and a new member of the Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission.
      “As I see it when it comes to being the change, it is not about accolades or celebrity; it is about quietly and deliberately making a change in your community, your nation, and your world.  I am so proud to be a Rotarian and be amongst this group of like-minded people, who believe in getting the work done.”
University of Arizona Rotaract Project:  Cleaning The Turquoise Trail
     On Saturday, March 13, 2021, members of the Rotaract Club of the University of Arizona and of Tucson Sunrise Rotary joined to clean up The Turquoise Trail, except for a short section closed due to construction, and to share Coffee with the Prez.  The Turquoise Trail is a 2.5-mile turquoise-colored line on the sidewalk that connects 23 sites, including Hotel Congress, Armory Park, the Pima County Courthouse, the Arizona Theater Company, and Fox Tucson Theatre.  Plaques along the way provide historical information.  Coffee with the Prez after the clean-up was at the Seis Restaurant in the Mercado on Avenida Del Convento.

PACC Pet Food Bagging Project
     Members of Tucson Sunrise and Dove Mountain Rotary have been bagging dog food at the Pima Animal Control Center for needy animals and families who need food so they an keep their pets.
Fred Novick, Brigitte and Joe Hentges from Dove Mountain Rotary
  Steve Cox and Myron Donald from Sunrise Rotary and Laurie Lane, a ballroom dancer and a friend of Myron
This You Don’t Want to Miss               (from PDG Teree Bergman)
     The global pandemic has impacted Rotary Clubs like an unfettered hurricane!  Now, we see hope on the horizon for a return to normal – or whatever our new normal will look like.  Many of our Clubs are considering hybrid club meetings – offering both on-site (in person) and online experiences.  The challenge is how best to do that and what is needed for an effective hybrid meeting.
     Managing a hybrid Club meeting will be the topic for discussion at the weekly Dove Mountain Rotary Club online meeting Thursday, April 15, 2921, from 5:15-6:15 PM.  Corey Lopardi, Assistant Rotary Coordinator for Zone 27, will be the presenter.
     Any Rotarian in District 5500 can join the Zoom meeting by contacting President Teree Bergman, Dove Mountain RC, by email and asking for the meeting link.  Teree’s email is luvgoldens@me.com. Register today!
The Rotary Club of Tucson                            (from Jennifer Hoffman)
Tucson Classics Car Show
     The Rotary Club of Tucson has had a very successful car show at the Gregory School every year for the past 14 years.  Each year we give away a late model, gently used Corvette as part of your entry ticket.
     This year, to celebrate the 100 year Centennial of our Rotary Club and our 15th annual Tucson Classics Car Show, we are giving away a BRAND NEW, NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND, 2021 C8 CORVETTE!  Only $10/ticket.
     Proceeds go to Pima County JTED and other local charities of the Rotary Club of Tucson Foundation.
     Go to www.tucsonclassicscarshow.com to buy tickets.
Showing Rotary Love-You Made a Difference!
(from Marc Snow)
Over $12,000 of Local Rotary Grants given for Arizona Causes
     On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021, the Rotary District 5500 in Southern Arizona announced a great opportunity for all its Clubs to show their communities some Rotary Love at this much-needed time. 
     Since the launch of this effort, 25 Rotary Clubs have initiated projects to make a loving difference in so many lives in Southern Arizona.  While Rotary is always here to have a positive effect in people’s lives, this year has been unique in so many ways. 
    This year has presented unexpected and unusual changes in people’s needs.  It has also presented opportunities for Rotary Clubs to make changes in their activities to meet those needs, and so they did!
     Rotary Clubs from the southern border to the mountains, in Tucson, in Yuma, and all over southern Arizona created and led $500 projects that would make a loving impact in their communities.  The projects included essential living supplies, heath care, education, art and peace. 
     “Individuals, families and communities are dealing with so much disruption and adjustment in their lives at this time that, sometimes they just need a small, meaningful show of love to give them the boost they need to carry on,” says Rotary District Governor Diane Ventura-Goodyear. 
     DG Diane explained that she felt it important to revisit the District’s plans and budgets this year and to repurpose some of the budgeted funds to meet more of the compelling needs and to spread some love in southern Arizona.  District Governor Designate for Rotary Year 2023-2024 Marc Snow agreed to manage the effort and the amazingly creative Clubs of the District went to work.
     Within days of the challenge, Club members identified and structured projects to purchase, assemble and deliver cleaning, personal care and clothing needs to sheltered women.  Clubs organized projects to provide steam cleaning and cooking equipment to women working to get themselves back up and working in the labor force. 
     The Rotary Club of Vail, AZ is supporting the Vail Family University which is aimed at helping families prepare and equip their kids for the new school year and for all the educational changes families are facing. 
     The Rotary Club of Casa Grande is providing supplies and equipment for the Women Shelter Art project in concert with the Casa Grande Youth Alliance.
     These two are only two of the many, many projects Clubs have underway throughout District 5500.
The Rotary Club of Mountain Empire      (from Anne Gibson)
     We've been very busy sponsoring Recycling Events in both Sonoita and Patagonia.
     They've been very popular with our neighbors who have been cleaning up their yards and homes of everything from old washers/dryers, ovens, fridges, etc., to old rusty metal fence posts and wire and old computers.
     We are delighted to be able to use the "Show your Love for your Community" funds to bring a shredding company to Sonoita, scheduled for early May so folks can bring their historic records after tax season. Rotary has helped us clean up our homes, yards, and environment!
The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona
 (from TRVFA President Jeanie Morgan)
Ashley Voices her Appreciation and Dreams
    “My name is Ashley.  I received a TRVFA grant sponsored by the Kino Rotary Club in August 2020.  Without it, I wouldn't have been able to buy my dental hygiene instrument kit and get started with school.        During the two-year wait for the dental hygiene program at Pima Community College in Tucson, I worked hard and saved money for school.  I am paying for my education on my own with the help of scholarships, grants and school loans.
     When the semester was starting, I learned I needed to buy a $5,000 instrument kit in addition to paying tuition and buying textbooks.  I was not financially able to afford it.  With the grant received from TRVFA through the sponsorship of the Kino Rotary Club, I was able to buy my instrument kit.  Without this help, I wouldn't have known where else to turn.  I'm incredibly grateful for your team.
    I am now in my second semester of dental hygiene working on patients and going to school six days a week while working on my one day off.  This is the hardest obstacle I have yet to encounter, but yet the most fulfilling.  I am gaining so much knowledge and, in May 2022, I'll be graduating and starting my journey as a registered dental hygienist.
     First stop is to join my classmate Loren from the Philippines and provide dental care for the people of her hometown.  Then I will come back to the States and help our people and spread smiles through my line of work.
     I can't wait to be a part of your Rotary group post-graduation to help struggling students like myself to give them a chance for a better future.
     The pictures are of my first three patients of my dental hygiene program experience - my very own family - My Dad, Mom and big brother.  I had just taken full mouth x-rays of them and now I am using those x-rays for my scaling (cleaning) appointments this semester.
     I am so incredibly grateful for my education and this experience!  There's so much to look forward to.
     Thank you very much!
The Rotary Club of Tubac                         (from Nancy Nelson)
19th Annual Taste of Tubac
    The Tubac Rotary Club is planning its 19th Annual Taste of Tubac in a little different format for this COVID year of 2021. The Club will be celebrating the cuisine of the local restaurants, but in the best interest of Public Health, we will not gather in one location this year. We will sell coupon books offering fantastic discounts to local restaurants for $60 each. The coupons can be used for dine-in or take-out meals.
     This option will provide the continued support of the Rotary community in promoting the excellent restaurants in the Tubac area. It will also provide those purchasing the coupon books a dining opportunity with the restaurants that have participated in the Taste in prior years. It is a win-win for all!   We are finalizing details and will roll out the booklet information in April. The proceeds of the booklets will again support scholarships and local organizations.  
The Rotary Club of Kino
RYLA Junior Counselor                                                    (From Deb Haddock)
     On Friday, March 5, 2021, Katie Rohrer shared her experience as a junior counselor at RYLA with Kino Rotary, her sponsor club.  Katie will be a senior at the University of Arizona next year, majoring in computer science and living in the honors dorm.
     "Hello! My name is Katie Rohrer and I was a Junior Counselor for the 2021 RYLA.
     This year was unlike any other in that RYLA was online. This made it a very different experience from prior years. Instead of being a three-day retreat, it was a two-day Zoom call.
     Despite this, it was still a fun and worthwhile experience. Some of my favorite parts of RYLA were unable to be included this year due to the online setting. There was no one-on-one interaction with peers (though they were given the chance to chat in a breakout room of about 10 people), no outdoor activities, and no end-of-the-year party.
      However, despite all these cuts, I still believe that the delegates got the leadership skills from RYLA and the core values of Rotary. All of the great information was still given in the form of lesson modules, such as the conflict resolution module and the public speaking module.
    As for the RYLA schedule, we began on Friday evening by dividing into groups and getting to know our group members, as well as playing ice-breaker games and getting an overview of Rotary. On Saturday morning, we had a 45-minute module followed by a 15-minute break with an hour-long lunch around noon. Each module was different, but they all included time for a breakout room, where four groups of 10-11 people got to discuss what we learned, answer some thought-provoking questions, or practice their public speaking. This kept RYLA interactive rather than simply being a one-way lecture. There was also a discussion about breaking the one-time rule for delegates and allowing them to return for a second year as delegates in 2022 so they could experience the full in-person RYLA camp.
     Concerning my experiences as a JC, it was much different than I had expected. Although I
remember my JC as being very involved during my experience when I was a delegate last year, I thought I would be taking a more supportive role online. On the contrary, it turned out to be the job of the JC to lead all of the breakout rooms and essentially lead his or her group as well as possible remotely, with the Adult Supervisors being more of a support system.
     At first, I wasn’t sure how to handle a group remotely. Everyone was a bit hesitant to talk and I didn’t know how to fix that.  This led to a very awkward first breakout room. However, by the end of RYLA, I grew a lot more comfortable with leading a Zoom discussion and everyone was able to share his or her ideas well.
     I feel like being a JC significantly improved my leadership skills, possibly even more than they improved as a delegate since I was actually leading this time. I highly recommend that a delegate should return as a JC and see what it’s like to lead a group of future leaders."
Food Box Distribution                                                        (from David Fawcett)
     Members of the Tucson Kino Rotary Club lent helping hands to a group of volunteers at the Sunnyside Opportunity Center, which is headed by Araceli Mendoza, to organize, pack and distribute hundreds of pounds of citrus, vegetables and 100 bags of toiletries as part of the Sunnyside Foundation’s monthly drive-up Food Box Distribution.
     In preparation for this event, Tucson Kino Rotary purchased more than $1,000 of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, bars of soap, hand sanitizer and seventy $10 grocery store gift cards to supplement the food donated by the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.
     Rotary District 5500 of Southern Arizona matched Kino Rotary’s donation with $500 and the Tucson Cyber Lions contributed as well.  This event benefited 257 adults, 237 children, and 30 senior citizens.
     Kino President Raul Bejarano donates toiletries to Araceli Mendoza, head of the Sunnyside Opportunity Center. 
The Rotary Clubs of Mountain Empire and Benson
(from Anne Gibson)
Golf Tournament
   We WELCOME and ENCOURAGE all District Rotarians to come enjoy our fresh clean air for a rousing round of GOLF at our Tournament on Saturday, April 24, 2021, at the San Pedro Golf Course in Benson. This tournament will be the primary fundraiser for both the Mountain Empire Rotary Club and Benson Rotary Club.  Gather a team from your Club and compete to win the Rotary Championship Golf Team trophy!!!
Do You WHOVA?                                   (from Barbara Barr)
The Rotary Club of Rincon                             (from Tom Eiff)
Rincon Rotary had its first outing face-to-face" (not as much fun as dancing "cheek-to- cheek"), but it had to do for the time being.

More on Polio from our Rincon Archives of 1996

    This entry, from Gustavo Gross, Peru Rotary Club, illustrates how he was affected positively by the "End-Polio” cause of Rotary. 
     Catalina Rotarian Maria Elena McElroy, native of Peru, and our ADG Anita McDonald, also of Catalina Rotary, were instrumental in obtaining a global grant to help with health services in Peru.
ShelterBox                                                                           (from Don Jorgensen)
     Hello, Rotary Friends and ShelterBox supporters:
     "I am always pleased to begin by thanking our special ShelterBox HERO Clubs in District 5500 for your amazing support during the past 12 months ($1000+ donors). Thank you to:
           Rotary Club of Tucson
           Rotary Club of Marana
           Rotary Club of Marana – Dove Mountain
           Rotary Club of Tucson Kino
           Rotary Club of Green Valley
           Rotary Club of Saddlebrooke
     Note: If your Club should be listed, or you have reached this level in 2021, please let me know and I will make certain you receive the proper recognition!"
           Don Jorgensen
     Good news! Our next shipment of emergency aid has reached Cameroon and is already being distributed to families in the Minawao camp as of March 24, 2021.       Our tents will help families leave the collective center where they have been staying and start their journey towards recovery. Over the course of several months, we will be supporting 5,280 families with ShelterBox tents, Shelterkit items, and COVID response health and hygiene supplies.
     To find out more about where ShelterBox is currently deployed, visit
     Here are a few programs that may be of interest to you and your members:
     As we acknowledge the 10th anniversary of the civil unrest in Syria, we would like to share an update and highlight the continued need:  www.shelterboxusa.org/syria
International Women's Day Panel
     In case you missed our International Women's Day Panel, you may view it here:  youtu.be/bwR9l8iasZE



Peacebuilder Clubs                                                       (from Wendy Hobbs)
Peacebuilders Club e-Network Meeting  
    SAVE THE DATE--Monday, May 17, 2021
     Jerry Leggett, founder of the 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation and a singer-songwriter, producer and peace advocate will be our featured speaker at the May Peacebuilders Club e-Network Meeting Monday evening, May 17, 2021.
     Jerry is an active member of the Tubac Rotary club where he serves as the Club’s Program Co-Chair.
     As a popular speaker, entertainer and workshop leader, Jerry Leggett has appeared at numerous local, regional and national events. He has a fascinating story to tell, so mark your calendars now.
“Civility and Connection: Breaking Down Barriers to Communication”
     At the Rotary District 5500 Peacebuilder Clubs e-Network Meeting on March 15, 2021, Professor Kate Kenski, UA Department of Communication, discussed “Civility and Connection: Breaking Down Barriers to Communication”. 
     She defined civility as language behavior consistent with social norms and incivility as unnecessary, disrespectful tones during discussions.  To break down barriers, she noted that people need to develop a network of different types of people rather than staying isolated in their own (comfortable) group. 
     Some Call To Action items to consider personally/with your Rotary Club:
1.  Show the documentary film “Bully” presented by The Bully Project (www.thebullyproject.com)  at a Club meeting followed by a facilitated discussion on what was observed/learned;
2.  Start a Neighbor To Neighbor Trust program.  Ideas can be found at www.rd.com/list/build-trust-neighbors;
3.  Share "Engaging Differences Videos" prepared by the National Institute for Civil Discourse at a Club meeting:  www.nicd.arizona.edu;
4.   Go to https://www.polygon.com/21519900/best-political-documentaries-watch-election-2020  It offers various videos that can be viewed by a group, then followed by a facilitated discussion on political values;
5.  Hold an online Kahoots game on a topic of choice related to incivility.  


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     Show off your Club.  Tell us what your Club and your members are doing for our communities and for the world.  Please share your best practices and what you have learned while doing your projects.  Rotary Clubs all learn from each other!
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     Thank you!
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