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Thursday, July 1, 2021
(from District Governor Hank Huisking)
Deadline for Nominations is July 31, 2021
Make a difference in your Rotary District!
Nominations of candidates to serve as District Governor in 2024-2025 are due to District Governor Hank Huisking on or before July 31, 2021.
 Any Club may nominate a candidate who is a member of that Club or a member of another Club (with the other Club’s concurrence).  Candidate interviews will be during September, 2021.
If you are concerned about your qualifications, please understand that Zone 26-27 and Rotary International offer extensive leadership training. Our District stands behind our candidates, and we want only for their success.
If you want to see Rotary District 5500 thrive and be prepared for the future, consider submitting your application. Your leadership skills will make the difference in our District and to our Club memberships.
Candidate Qualifications:  The RI Manual of Procedure spells out the qualifications for candidates (Chapter 2, pp. 20-22).  The qualifications are summarized below:
  • At the time of nomination, the candidate must:
    • Be a member of a functioning District 5500 Rotary Club.
    • Be a past president of a Rotary Club (as defined in the District 5500 Bylaws).
    • Meet all other qualifications specified in the Rotary International Manual of Procedure.
  • At the time of taking office (July 1, 2024), the candidate must have been a member of a Rotary Club for at least seven years and must have attended the Governor-Elect Training Seminar (GETS) and the International Assembly during the Governor-Elect year.
  • District 5500 also requires that candidates must have attended the Governor Nominee Advanced Training Seminar (GNATS) during the Governor-Nominee year.
Nomination Process:  To nominate a candidate, the Rotary Club should adopt a resolution at a regular Club meeting and submit the nomination to incoming District Governor Hank Huisking not later than July 31, 2021. (Form attached).  The resolution shall:
  • Certify that the candidate meets the Qualifications for District Governor as provided in the current RI Manual of Procedure (Included on Governor Nominee Data Form).
  • Include a resume and biographical sketch of the candidate’s personal and Rotary background. 
  • In addition, the candidate must complete the Governor Nominee Data Form, which must then be signed by the candidate and the Club Secretary.  The signed form must then be sent to District Governor Hank Huisking, talk2hank@cox.net .
Prohibition Against Campaigning/Promoting:  As stated in the RI Manual of Procedure, “Any Rotarian who engages in campaigning or canvassing for elective office in RI may be subject to disqualification from election to the office sought . . .” (Chapter 2, p. 21) NOTE: This prohibition includes District Governor.
Sources for Additional Information:  Details and copies of the application forms may also be obtained from the District website:www.rotaryd5500.org.  The qualifications and duties of the District Governor and the selection process are outlined in Chapter 2 (“The District”) of the RI Manual of Procedure.  Information is also included in the RI Bylaws (Articles 10, 12, and 13) and in the Rotary Code of Policies (Articles 17, 19, 21, and 26).  Also refer to District 5500 Bylaws in Article 4 (“District Officers”).  A copy of the Rotary Election Policies (revised August, 2012) is also on the District website as part of the nomination materials.
Questions:  Questions may be directed to District Governor-Elect Anita McDonald, (520- 271-8410 or email msmathlady@live.com or District Governor Hank Huisking (520-227-4460) or email talk2hank@cox.net.

Mailing of Nomination Materials:  All nomination materials should be sent to DG Hank Huisking, 1780 Windsor Drive, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 or via email at talk2hank@cox.net
The completed package of materials will include:
  1. Candidate’s Statement
  2. Club’s Statement of Candidate’s Qualifications
  3. Resume and biographical sketch of the candidate’s personal and Rotary background 
(Forms are available at the District website: www.rotaryd5500.org
The Rotary Club of Tucson Presidio          (from Denise Garland)
The Rotary Club of Casas Adobes          (from Doug Woodard)
Casas Adobes Rotary Club Awards $42K in Scholarships to High School Seniors
     Casas Adobes Rotary Club awarded $42,000 in scholarships to 16 graduating seniors who were previously recognized as Rotary Eighth-Grade Honor Roll students in 2017.
     Among those who received scholarships of $1,000 to $5,000 were: Lucas Molteni, Trevan Johnson and Aaron Edwards of Mountain View High School; Addison DaDeppo and Ellie DeBerry from Canyon del Oro High School; Rumur Rouille and Cassandra Fox from Ironwood Ridge High School; Venna Heavner and Cheyanne Yanez from Flowing Wells High School; Callissa Perry and Brianna Arizmendi from Salpointe High School; Elisabeth Axen and Caroline Axen from Catalina Foothills High School ; Sevin Williams from Marana High School; Patrick Quintero from Amphitheater High School; and Emilia Garnand from Pusch Ridge Christian Academy.
     Casas Adobes Rotary has awarded more than $450,000 in scholarships over 31 years. It has recognized more than 4,000 Eighth -Grade Honorees during the same period, including 149 Eighth-Grade Honorees this year.
     “We are grateful”, said Willis Horak, Scholarship Chair, ”for all the individuals who contributed memorial scholarships and funds for the Legacy for Learning program as well as Club members who donated time to work with the middle schools and high schools.”
The Rotary Club of Casa Grande Daybreak
(from Bob Shogren)
Arizona Rotary Leadership Academy: Exciting Leadership Training Opportunity            (from Eugene Medina)
      Do you have valuable skills and talents from which your District and Rotary can benefit? Are you interested in growing as a Rotary leader? 
     Have we got an exciting leadership training opportunity for you!!
     In RY 2017-18, Districts 5500 and 5495 formed a partnership to lead and coordinate the Rotary Leadership Academy, an innovative online learning approach to Rotary leadership development first created in 2004.  It is the Academy’s mission to train selected Rotarians for future District leadership roles while simultaneously understanding and being sensitive to the demands on Rotarians’ time and busy schedules.
     Annually, Past District Governors, Governors, Assistant Governors and RLA graduates nominate candidates for the Academy. These nominees, past Rotary Club Presidents, Rotary Leadership Institute graduates and Rotarians interested in leadership roles beyond their Clubs are provided training which prepares them for the “next step,” a District/Rotary International leadership role.
     Each fall the participants begin the Academy’s annual program with an orientation to its self-paced, computer-based online learning framework. The primary objectives of the Academy are: (1) to expand the foundation of Rotary and District leadership, (2) to provide opportunities for excited and engaged Rotarians to expand their leadership talents and (3) work within the parameters and constraints of Rotarians’ busy lives.
     This quality online training is facilitated by talented and experienced past District Governors and senior Rotarians. Additionally, each student is linked to a “topic of their Rotary area of interest” learning group, a small group of five or six students who share questions and ideas during each course and support one another during the Academy year.
     The following is the Academy’s course of study. Each course requires between 10 and 12 hours to complete.
      September: How Rotary Works and the History of Rotary and its Leadership                             in Arizona
      October:     Understanding and Utilizing The Rotary Foundation
      November: Collaboration and Funding to Meet Needs
      January:     Pathways to Rotary
      February:   Rotary Brand: Becoming a Brand Champion
      March:        Rotary’s Fiduciary Responsibilities and Youth Protection
     Go to arizonarla.org and explore the Arizona Rotary Leadership Academy website and learn about its history, courses and other learning resources. It will be well worth your brief review.
     During July and mid-August, 2021, the District Governor, Past District Governors, Assistant Governor, and graduates of the Arizona RLA will be seeking nominees for this year’s Academy class.
     If you are a current or Past Club President, graduate of RLI or a Rotarian seeking a leadership role beyond your Club, let a Past or the current Governor, Governor Elect, current AG or RLA graduate know of your interest in being nominated to attend the Arizona Rotary Leadership Academy.
     You will be glad you took action.
     Be well.
     If you have questions, please contact Hank Huisking, Governor, PDG Diane Ventura-Goodyear, Ann Huber, Executive AG, or Gene Medina, Dean, RLA 2020-2021 at otivar2@gmail.com or (360) 509-9980
The Rotary Club of Tucson                              (from Hugh Thompson)
Attention District 5500 Rotarians
This GM wait-listed, brand-new 2021 C8 Corvette Stingray or $50,000 could be yours!
OR one of FIVE other great prizes.
     You can buy tickets now online at: www.TucsonClassicsCarShow.com.
     The drawing will be on Saturday, October 16, 2021at the Car Show .
     The net proceeds from the Tucson Classics Car Show will go to Pima JTED, Tucson’s unique vocational High School.  Your support will go a long way in helping our Club reach our goal of over a quarter of a million dollars to go towards their newest building at Park Avenue and I 10.   
     If your Club will sign an agreement with the Tucson Club to sell raffle tickets, your Club will receive 50% of each ticket sold as a low-effort, mini fundraiser for your Club.  Just contact Roger Harwell, rharwell@glhn.com, and he will help you get going! 
The Rotary Club of Tucson Sunrise              (from Myron Donald)
The KIN (Kids in Need) Project
The crew of Isabel Banerjee, Steve Cox, Tom Cariseo, Rebecca Craig, Ally Baehr, Liz Cohn, Ginger Garcia and her sister, Spicy (serious!), Dan Gregory, and Barbara Lunsford with Coldwell Banker, packed 48 new duffel bags with blankets, toiletries, comfort and stress-relief toys, books, and more for the Children’s Advocacy Center.
     They also filled 48 new backpacks with school supplies, Interact face masks, water bottles, and more, and, in separate packaging, supplied training pants/diapers and menstrual products.
     The team started at 7:00 am and finished at 9:56 am!
     They loaded Dan’s SUV, then he and Ally delivered everything to the conference room at the Advocacy Center.
ShelterBox                                                        (from Don Jorgensen)
Millions of people will be displaced by disasters this year, losing their homes, possessions, and livelihoods in an instant.
You can help us be ready.
Our annual Stock the Box fundraiser launches today, July 1, 2021.
 Help ShelterBox restock our warehouses with life-saving shelter aid and supplies, so we are prepared to respond when the next disaster strikes.
Our goal is to stock 150 ShelterBoxes, but we cannot do it without your support.
Donate the cost of a critical aid item below to help fill a ShelterBox for a family who has lost everything.
Thank you for putting emergency shelter and supplies into the hands of families when they need it most.
Pooja with her 4-year-old daughter.
Category 5 Cyclone Amphan, the world’s largest single displacement event in the first half of 2020, destroyed the home that kept 22-year-old Pooja and her family safe during the global pandemic. The superstorm’s devastating winds and severe flooding meant only the things Pooja could carry with her were saved.
ShelterBox gave Pooja tarps, tools, and essential aid items that were nearly impossible to come by as COVID-19 and lockdown made buying items difficult. Pooja and her family have rebuilt their home and can settle back into everyday life, together and safe.
In the last 12 months, ShelterBox has provided more than 200,000 people like Pooja with the emergency shelter and supplies they need to recover and rebuild after the chaos of disaster. This is only possible because of your generosity.
Will you help us restock so we are ready when the next disaster strikes?


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     Show off your Club.  Tell us what your Club and your members are doing for our communities and for the world.  Please share your best practices and what you have learned while doing your projects.  Rotary Clubs all learn from each other!
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     Thank you!
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