You can take advantage of a tax credit donation to The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) for 2018 as long as the donation is made by April 15. 
                              You can make your donation online at  
If you have already given and want to schedule a regularly recurring donation so that you know you will have a tax credit donation for your 2019 taxes, that option is available through the same site.  If you want to make your entire tax credit donation for the current tax year, we'll gladly accept it.  The documentation you receive from us will show the date we received your donation.  It will be up to your tax advisor which year you should claim the credit.
For those who may have forgotten or who may not be familiar with TRVFA, we make vocational education grants to individuals who meet set low-income guidelines.  The vocational education enables them to move from barely surviving to actually thriving.  TRVFA qualifies each applicant, but we rely on Rotary Clubs to interview and decide whether or not they wish to sponsor and mentor the grant recipient.  Once approved by a club, the funding of the grant is the responsibility of TRVFA.  There is no financial responsibility from the sponsoring club.
TRVFA was started by forward-thinking Rotarians more than 25 years ago for Rotarians to meet their vocational service goals in a way that costs nothing if you qualify for the tax credit.  It began as a multi-district project voted on by a majority of the Rotary Clubs in each district in Arizona, and because it was supported throughout the state, it received Rotary International's blessing as a multi-district project.   The State of Arizona actually gives tax-paying residents the opportunity to direct the use of some of their state income tax obligation.  Once Rotarians understand this opportunity, "It's a no brainer" to want to support TRVFA - the only Rotarian- originated, Rotarian-managed, Rotary International-blessed tax credit opportunity currently available!
In 2018, because of high demand, we had to reduce our maximum grant to $2,000 and narrowed our funding to a preferred list of vocational programs.  For a few months, we even had to stop accepting new grant applications for programs starting before October 1, 2018.  We've been back in business since October 1 of last year.  Demand for grants is still very high.  Because giving was better this year than last, at our last board meeting we increased our grant budget for this fiscal year.  Your giving really does make a difference!
There are other ways to support TRVFA.  a number of clubs send checks from proceeds of their fundraising efforts or from their charitable foundations.  Some individuals leave a set amount to TRVFA in their wills or trusts.  An option that could grow in popularity is a direct transfer of mandatory IRA distributions.  When allowed, this can allow you to make an incredible difference in someone's life while saving on income tax obligation.  If this fits your age or circumstance regarding an inherited IRA, you might consider talking to your financial planner to see if this would be an option for you.
Thanks for taking this time to learn a little more about TRVFA.  If you want to know more, visit our website at
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