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Thursday, October 1, 2020
From DG Diane
     I have heard that more Clubs are working on virtual fundraisers, community projects, while still remaining extra careful and safe. Glancing over my Facebook page, I see that many Rotarians are trying out new recipes, as well as quilting and knitting; hobbies they have had little time for in the past. I heard that others are engaging in long walks, hiking, cycling; even reading a good novel or two. This is so beneficial for your health and well-being.
     Yes, October has arrived, and Fall is trying to tiptoe, ever so gently, into our Desert Southwest. Whenever I think of October, I have wonderful memories of pumpkin pie, mulled-wine, cinnamon, nutmeg, colorful, falling leaves as well as Canadian Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, Halloween and, of course, World Polio Day on October 24th.
     This year, as your District Governor, I am challenging EVERY Club in District 5500 to recognize World Polio Day in some special way. Have you thought about joining our District 5500 World Polio Day, Saturday, October 24, 2020?  District 5500 will observe and celebrate the day with a program on Zoom from 9:00 am to 10:30 am Arizona time. The program will include a short history of the disease and Rotary’s pledge to eradicate it, an update on eradication efforts, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s plan for going forward, and how we Rotarians in D5500 can help.  Your District Rotary Foundation Committee and PDG Michael Drake, PolioPlus Chair will present the program. REGISTER HERE
     Only two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, have reported cases of polio this year. The recent news that WHO has officially declared that all 47 countries in the African Region to be free of the wild poliovirus was music to all our ears.  (In many countries, polio workers dye the little finger so they know who has received the vaccine.)
     When Rotary and its partners first launched the global polio eradication initiative in 1988 there were 350,000 cases every year of polio in 125 countries.  Our progress has been tremendous; today polio cases have been reduced by 99.9%. Nonetheless, without full funding and political commitment, this paralyzing disease could reappear in a polio-free country putting children everywhere at risk again.           We must continue! Mothers everywhere are thankful for Rotarians and their persistence in wanting to vaccinate all the children, all around the world, against polio.
     My question to you is, “Is your Rotary Club up for the challenge?” If you are considering registering for our District’s World Polio event, be sure to do so early because there is a limit on the number of Zoom attendees.
    Stay safe and have a happy October!
Diane Ventura-Goodyear
District Governor of Rotary District 5500
Rotary Club of Rincon (Tucson)
THREAD  (by Steve Pedigo)
      On behalf of the members of the Rincon Rotary Club, President Steve Pedigo and Wendy Hobbs  presented a check for $1275.00 to “Together for Hope, Resiliency, Empowerment, and Development”.               THREAD was organized and is led by Imago Dei Middle School.   
 THREAD is a project supporting refugees by giving them the tools they need to produce and sell face masks.  Steve and Wendy toured their impressive face mask operation.
       The School's leaders at the check donation were Renee Downing, Bibi Zahva and Susan Gamble.
Gospel Rescue Mission (by Steve Pedigo) 
     On September 21, 2020, Rincon Rotary, with President Steve Pedigo, Debbie Graves (Dictionary Chair) and Gary, delivered dictionaries and Bibles to Tucson’s Gospel Rescue Mission.
Assistant Governor JoAnn Ortega    (Rotary Club of Maricopa)
     "It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of former D5500 Assistant Governor for Region 3, JoAnn Ortega.  JoAnn passed away after a long battle with cancer. She was an Assistant Governor several times, the last time being during PDG Joe Hentges’ year as District Governor.  She was a long-time member of the Maricopa Club and had served as President and Treasurer. She will be greatly missed by her Rotarian friends and her community."
DG Diane Ventura-Goodyear
Handbags of Hope
     The “Handbags of Hope,” a D5500 service project, originally scheduled for completion at the September District Conference, will go forward for collection and delivery to previously identified D5500 Regional “shelters” near the end of November 2020.
     Women escaping domestic violence or leaving a dangerous situation are often more vulnerable and without resources during the holidays.
     D5500 Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors are asked to donate gently used large handbags with 20 items listed below:
     Small bar of soap or body wash
     Feminine hygiene products
     Wash cloth
     Dental floss
     Shampoo and conditioner
     SocksBody or hand lotion
     Comb/small hair brush
    Toothbrush and toothpaste
    Band Aids (4 to a plastic snack bag)             Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes
     (WalMart.com includes free shipping with orders of more than $35.)
     Participating Clubs (Clubs are encouraged to collaborate.) are asked to identify and contact potential facilities in their regions to know how many handbags will be needed.  Project volunteers should take photos of the service project (smartphone in horizontal position only for better resolution) for display on the D5500 website and at the District Conference.
     Email your two best photos with a short description (25 words or fewer), the number of handbags donated, the name of the receiving organizations, and the Rotary Club point of contact to DGE Hank Huisking, RC of Sierra Vista West, talk2hank@cox.net, or 520-227-4460.
Rotary Club of Casa Grande
     With a new fundraising campaign and GoFundMe page, the Casa Grande Rotary Club is inviting others to join its efforts to feed hungry people in the community.
     The Club has set up a GoFundMe page seeking to raise $60,000 to continue with its efforts of providing ready-to-heat family meals to area residents in need.
     “The GoFundMe page was set up to invite other organizations or individuals with a generous heart to support our efforts,” said Steve DiMuzio, Club president. “Each of our events has had more than 25 volunteers — Rotarians, their families, and citizens who heard about our efforts and joined us. This idea was created by member Louie Sanchez and supported by our Club and our sponsors.”
     Since June, the Rotary Club and its sponsors have given away meals to families in three distribution events in which boxed food packages were handed out at no cost. Each package includes a ready-to-heat meal, prepared by the staff at Eva’s Fine Mexican Foods, that feeds up to six people.
     The meals are for those who are:
           Experiencing unemployment or underemployment.
           Single-parent families.
           Those receiving assistance from the state or private agencies.
     In the first event, Casa Grande Rotary and Eva’s gave 1,200 meals to 200 families.
     “We ran out quickly and had to turn away some families,” DiMuzio said. “For the second and third events, we increased our meals to 1,800 serving 300 families. Our total now is 4,800 meals to 800 families. We have been blessed to receive financial support from APS, Walmart, Fitzgibbons Law Office, Western State Bank, and Eva’s restaurant. Individual Rotarians donated more than $2,500; the Rotary Daybreak Club joined the effort with a donation and our District 5500 donated $6,300.”
     The cost of distributing the meals at the last three events totaled nearly $12,000, according to DiMuzio.
     “We anticipate future meal distributions will average about $6,800 each,” he said. “You know that this program is more than just feeding families impacted by the financial crisis caused by the pandemic. It is also about providing nutrition to families and especially children and about supporting employment for the cooks and others who were furloughed early on in the pandemic. What better way to meet these two goals than to have people working and using their culinary skills to provide for others at this time?”
Times Are Changing! How Will Clubs Adapt? (by Ann                                                                                                                                       Huber)
     Paul Harris said: “This is a changing world; we must be prepared to change with it. The story of Rotary will have to be written again and again.”
     With this in mind, how will we adapt to become a stronger and even more relevant Rotary?
     That’s what we are going to explore on Saturday, October 17, 2020, at the “2020 Survival Guide Workshop”. You will have the opportunity to interact with speakers from in and outside our District who will share practical information on ways we can better engage members and our community partners in the service of others.
     This will be a Zoom event. Register online at rotaryd5500.org.
Rotary Club of Green Valley (by Pat Pease)
Matching Grant Update - Sensory Garden
     September 14, 2020, was the first Green Valley Rotary Club workday for the Rotary matching grant to build a Sensory Garden at Wrightson Ridge K-8 School in Sahuarita. The project has gained interest from the community volunteers, students, teachers and staff, who have been joining Rotarians to build the sensory garden for special needs students. Our first workday was devoted to laying out bricks to line the path.
     One Green Valley resident, Lenny Friedman, volunteered his expertise on building labyrinths to help with that aspect of the garden.
     About a dozen people spent several hours of their day providing the physical labor for the first step of creating the space for Wrightson Ridge students. In addition, we have had donations of bottle caps, aluminum cans, bicycle wheels, and more to recycle into art features that will be used in the design. In addition to art, the garden will feature a sensory activity wall, a music wall, a picnic table, sand play, hopscotch, a 6’ x 10’ stage, benches, a covered swing, and a small labyrinth all placed on a 36’ x 50’ lot on the school grounds.
     Rotarian volunteers on the 14th were Joyce and Michael Finkelstein, Jack Carter, Jerry Kriebel, Ken Frahm, Bob Auflick, Bob Shevlin, Michael, and Pat Pease.
     Our next workday will be on October 2nd from 8:00 – 11:30 am (or until the task is completed) to spread decomposed granite for the path. We will also have a workday on Saturday, October 17th from 8:00 – 11:30 am. At this time, we have arranged for all items that were requested for donation, but we welcome any help with the project on our workdays. We will announce additional workdays after October 17th.
District 5500 Podcasts on Amazon Music
Hello, District 5500 Podcaster,
     We’re excited to let you know that Amazon Music has launched a new podcast homepage!!  https://music.amazon.com/podcasts
     Our District has officially been included in the Amazon Music Podcasts as well as being accessible on iTunes' podcasts.
     The link below is to access our District 5500 Podcasts on Amazon.com.
DG Diane Ventura-Goodyear
Rotary International--Peace Corps Partnership
     "It has been my pleasure to be part of the Rotary International – Peace Corps partnership for the last three years as the Outreach Chair for Partnering for Peace: Friends of Peace Corps and Rotary.  As the partnership grows and increases in scope, our outreach committee is focused on connecting local Peace Corps Recruiters with local Rotary Club programming chairs through our database of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Rotarians, and district leaders who understand the opportunity of working with the Peace Corps community.
     The Outreach Committee, under the lead of Reggie O’Brien, has made introductions between Peace Corps Recruiters and 80 Rotary Districts around the country.  The purpose of the introductions is for Peace Corps Recruiters to make presentations to as many Rotary Clubs as possible across the U.S. on what it is like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer and that it is never too late to be a Peace Corps Volunteer.
     I can attest to that as I was sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer when I was 55 years old.  That inspiration came when I happened upon the Peace Corps home page saluting a volunteer who was celebrating his 80th birthday!
     As Rotarians, the Peace Corps is a great way to fulfill “Service Above Self”.  The experience has changed my life as a Rotarian serving overseas.  And I would suggest that Returned Peace Corps Volunteers are ideal candidates to become Rotarians.
     There are two types of opportunities to become a Peace Corps Volunteer.  One is the classic two-year commitment.  The other is Peace Corps Response, which is a project-specific volunteer opportunity that lasts three to eight months.
 If your Club is interested in having a Peace Corps Recruiter do a Zoom presentation, please contact me.  I have a list of recruiters around the country including in my local District 5450." 
Charlie Masilae Hunt
Outreach Chair - Partnering for Peace - NPCA Affiliate Group
Peace Corps Rotary Alliance Committee – District 5450
Denver LoDo Rotary Club
RPCV Vanuatu 2006-2008
Mobile 720.822.1413
Inner Peace  (from Wendy Hobbs)
District 5500 is inviting you to a Morning of Peace.  We hope you’ll join us.
     Inner peace (or peace of mind) refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors.  Being "at peace" is considered by many to be a state in which our mind performs at an optimal level with a positive outcome.
     But people have difficulties embracing their inner spirituality because everyday stressors get the best of them; finding peace and happiness in the little joys of life can seem difficult, and results do not seem all that gratifying.
     On November 7, 2020, the Center for Community Dialogue will professionally guide us through a workshop to help us understand why Inner Peace is so hard to find and keep and how to better manage Inner Peace.
     Please join us.  Please go to www.rotaryd5500.org to register.


Rotary Club of Vail
     The Rotary Club of Vail will hold a "Clean Out The Office" shredding event on Saturday, November 14, 2020, at Cienega High School, 12775 Mary Ann Cleveland Way, Vail, AZ 85641.
     The price will be $20.00 per car. Both paper and electronics will be accepted for shredding.
     This event is being co-sponsored by Hughes Federal Credit Union with the proceeds going to assist local students and other charitable organizations.
Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona
     Wouldn't it be great if all those who wanted a vocational education could get one?       The Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ started 30 years ago. Our members have supported TRVFA by donating to its scholarship fund.  The recipients who received these scholarships are now leading rewarding and productive lives because of TRVFA and you. But there are more who are in need. Your tax-deductible contribution, which is also eligible for an AZ tax credit, will help TRVFA help others through education. Even if you don't have a tax credit, you can still donate using a credit card or a check. All this information is available on trvfa.org.
     The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona is a non-profit organization under IRS Code 501(c)(3) whose purpose is to assist those people who qualify under Arizona law to obtain financial assistance to further their vocational studies. TRVFA is an organization that meets Arizona’s Credit For Contributions To A Qualifying Charitable Organization requirements.  Our QCO Code is 20698.
      Donate today at trvfa.org and make your community a better place!
DG Diane Ventura-Goodyear
TRVFA Board Member
Rotary Club of Catalina Tucson
Tuition Drive for Tepehua, Mexico (by Barbara Kiernan
     This is our eighth year of making schooling possible in marginalized communities!
     Nineteen of these children were going into kindergarten when Catalina Rotary started helping with school expenses (just $40/child) eight years ago. Now, most of them are in 7th grade. Over the past seven years, we have increased the number of children we help to more than 50.
     This year, we are also helping provide clean drinking water and eliminating naturally-occurring arsenic from community wells. This annual gift just keeps on giving!
For these children, education really IS the only way out of poverty!
Rotary Club of Tucson Sunrise
Pima Animal Care Center
     Tucson Sunrise has recently begun bagging dog and cat food at the Pima Animal Care Center as a community service project.  Ally Beahr, her daughter, Rylee, and her friend, Glenda, and Ally's husband, Craig,  joined Steve Cox to bag LOTS of dog food for the homeless and other Tucson pet owners in need.  Arf!  Arf!!
New Member --  Wanda Nordlie
     Wanda Nordlie, Tucson Sunrise’s newest member, was born in Santa Monica, California, but has recently moved to Tucson from New Hampshire.
     Wanda has a degree from Holyoke Community College in Early Childhood Development, is a Certified Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner and a Certified Life Coach.
     While in New Hampshire she worked for six years at a Massachusetts prison teaching in a drug and alcohol treatment program.  She was also a lector for St. Patrick’s Parish in Pelham, NH, and involved with Habitat for Humanity and veterans’ projects.
     Wanda had been interested in joining the Billerica, Massachusetts, Rotary Club when the corona virus pandemic began.  When joining that Club was put on hold, she decided to make the move to Tucson to be near her son, Joseph, Jr., 24, who works here for Southern New Hampshire University.  
     When she asked John Peterson of the Billerica Club for help finding a Club in Tucson, he connected Wanda with Gina Murphy-Darling, Membership Chair for Tucson Sunrise.
     All members new to Tucson Sunrise receive a Four-Way Test Plaque with their name embossed on it.
     Before even being inducted, Wanda jumped in to help with our Club’s Bruegger's Bagel Express project which collects unsold bagels and delivers them to Tucson Food Share.
     John and her son were at our virtual meeting when Wanda was inducted into Tucson Sunrise.
     Wanda is a published author and a motivational speaker. She is a passionate humanitarian, interested in social justice and substance abuse treatment.
     She loves writing, singing, hiking and walking.
Dictionary Project Connects Rotarians to the Future
(by Monique Soria)
     Rotarians in District 5500 from Yuma to Globe and Sierra Vista are giving thousands of third-graders a dictionary of their own. And they’re giving students (future Rotarians) the message that the adults in Rotary care about them and their future. Since 1995, the Dictionary Project has provided more than 31 million third-graders in every state and internationally with their own reference book. The $3 cost per book is an investment in young people, your community’s schools, and our future.
     To learn more about getting involved in the Dictionary Project, see                                      https://www.rotaryd5500.org/Stories/dictionary-project,                                                https://www.dictionaryproject.org,
            or email moniquesoria18@gmail.com
Rotary Club of San Luis Frontera
     On August 29th, 2020, members of the San Luis Frontera Rotary Club visited the neighboring City of San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico, to donate food bags, cleaning supplies and face masks in rural areas. The Club prepared and distributed 100 food bags, 120 tortas, water, chips and cleaning supplies to residents.
     The Club thanks Southwest Sanitations Services (of Yuma) for donating 200 face masks.
     "San Luis Frontera Rotary feeds the underprivileged and Opens Opportunities to Serve"
Rotary Leadership Academy (by Eugene Medina)
     The Arizona Rotary Leadership Academy year is underway. On August 29th, 26 RLA candidates and eight academy faculty, representing Districts 5500 and 5495, and 29 Rotary clubs, participated the 17th annual Student Orientation program via Zoom. What a learning adventure! What a talented group of candidates!
     We had opportunities to reflect on the work of “People of Action”, meet academy colleagues, hear our Governors’ (Diane and Elizabeth) thoughts about RLA and its role in District leadership training, and to review the six courses of the Academy program: 
  • September: The Rotary Brand: Become a Rotary Brand Champion
  • October: Understanding and Utilizing The Rotary Foundation (TRF).
  • November: Collaboration and Funding to Meet Needs.
  • January: Building on a Heritage of Leadership and Accomplishments: Districts 5500 and 5495
  • February: How to Succeed in Membership Growth and Retention
  • March: Rotary’s Fiduciary Responsibilities and Youth Protection.
     Using a self-paced, computer-based online-learning framework, candidates work independently online at their own pace and on their own schedule. Learning is facilitated and guided by talented and experienced past District Governors and senior Rotarians. These courses range from 8 to 12 hours to complete.
     This year we have added a new dimension to the Academy experience: candidates have an opportunity to work in a small group focused on their self-selected area of Rotary interest.
     Following the initial orientation, we had breakout groups (Breakout rooms in Zoom vernacular), in which group members began getting acquainted, discussed the intent of the groups and began planning the next steps.  This year’s learning groups are: Membership, The Rotary Foundation, Communication, Youth Protection and Fiduciary Responsibilities, and Leadership Development. As self-directed groups, candidates can meet during the year to discuss courses, provide learning support to one another, explore their Rotary topics of interest, share ideas about effective leadership and the discuss challenges they see as Rotary moves into the future.
     The primary goals of the Academy are: (1) to expand the foundation of Rotary and District leadership, (2) to provide opportunities for excited and engaged Rotarians to expand their leadership talents and learning, and (3) to do the work within the parameters and constraints of Rotarians’ busy lives.
     Explore the information on our webpage, arizonarla.org. You may be interested in exploring the Academy learning opportunities that await you.  Watch for the RLA 2021-22 program. We will begin recruiting in June, 2021.
Rotary Club of Tucson Kino
Angel Heart Pajama Project  (by David Fawcett)
     The Tucson Kino Rotary Club and the Cyber Lions Club pitched in to help one of their favorite charities relocate to a new space.
     Over two days, members made several trips to relocate pajamas, books, office equipment and shelving to a space inside Wakefield Middle School. The new location is more centrally located and offers more room.
     AHPP donates pajamas and books to children in transitional housing.
    Thanks to all the Rotarians and Lions who volunteered, including Dennis Bergquist, Debbie Haddock, Buck Crouch, Richard Stevenson, Ralph Nickl, Daniel Stringham, Ed Trejo, Luis Serrano and Rene Redondo.
New Member
     On Friday, September 25th, Kino Rotary inducted and welcomed its newest member, Dr. Deborah Dimmett.
     Debbie has served as an education consultant, adjunct instructor for English Language Learners at Pima Community College and as an assistant professor in the University of Arizona College of Education. She joined the faculty of Tucson High School in August 2019. She founded and manages a nonprofit in Haiti called Youth Envision which brings schooling to homeless Haitian youth and helps educators with best practices.
     Her husband of 30 years, William Hill, a longtime English teacher at Pueblo High Magnet School, joined us for the ceremony.
Rotary Club of Valle Verde (by Steve Sibulsky)
Rio Rico High School Jazz Band
     The Valle Verde Rotary Club presented a $3000.00 check to the Rio Rico High School Jazz Band.  The check was from “Jazz In The Desert XI” held last spring.
     From left:  Charlotte Gates, Valle Verde Rotary Club President, Quinn O’Donnell, Rio Rico High School Band Director, Hector Estrada Jr, Rio Rico High School Principal and Jim Rusk, Valle Verde Rotary Club Foundation President.
Peace Pole
     Several years of planning came together Saturday, September 12, 2020, as members of the Valle Verde Rotary gathered to dedicate a ‘Peace Pole’ at Desert Meadows Park.
     Past Valle Verde President Andi Grantham (who passed away in January 2020) and Past Rotary District 5500 Governor Ellie Patterson  started planning for the project over two years ago.
     The idea of Peace Poles traces back to Mr. Masahisa Goi (1916 – 1980) of Japan who was moved by the effects of war, and especially the atomic bombing of Japan during World War II.  Mr. Goi coined the phrase “May Peace Prevail On Earth”.  There are now over 200,000 Peace Poles standing in almost every country of the world.
     Valle Verde Rotary also dedicated a bench near the Peace Pole in memory of all past Rotarians who have lived the Rotary ideal of Service Above Self.
     (From left: Club President Char Gates, Bill Grantham, Francis Howe, PDG Ellie Patterson, Tom Cooke)
     I want to thank and commend you and Valle Verde Rotary on the lovely and meaningful dedication of the Peace Pole this morning.  It was well thought out, well planned and well presented. The Memorial Bench is a wonderful addition.
     I want to share with you something that happened this afternoon.  I wanted to show my husband and daughter the Peace Pole and bench.  As we drove up to the Pole, there was a gentleman looking at it.
     He was a neighbor of the Park and wanted to see what all of the commotion this morning had been about. (BTW, he told me that he counted 52 cars at the Park!) As he walked around the Peace Pole, he said that he was trying to figure out all of the languages.
     I told him a bit about the history of Peace Poles and that this was a Project of Rotary in our Community.  He was very impressed and expressed his thanks for bringing the Peace Pole to Green Valley."
Joyce Finkelstein
Green Valley Rotary Club
District 5500 Membership Chair
Fisher House
     The Valle Verde Rotary Club of Green Valley has been an active supporter of SAVAHC Fisher House for many years.  On August 24, 2020, two presentations were made to note that support.
     In 2018, Valle Verde Rotary Club of Green Valley was honored to partner with C.H.A.M.P.S. (Charities Helping American Military Patriots) of Tucson to purchase and install retractable shade screens for the patio of Fisher House on the VA Hospital campus in Tucson. Fisher House is a FREE hotel for families while their veteran is being treated at the hospital. The sun shades not only shelter guests from the scorching Arizona sun but also expand the space for relaxation, privacy and add another layer of security for the family members. The guests now feel they have a tranquil environment after spending long days taking care of their Veteran.
     In February 2020, Fisher House was included in the “Pink Envelope” portion of the Rotary Club’s “Jazz In the Desert” gala.  That promotion raised $960 for Fisher House.  The check was presented to manager Kelly Laurich.
     From left: Valle Verde Rotary Foundation President Jim Rusk, Club Treasurer Ron Darrah, Fisher House Manager Kelly Laurich, Club President Charlotte Gates.
     Valle Verde Rotarian Max Perry had been the regular go-between for these activities.  Max passed away in 2019; his hard work on behalf of Fisher House is commemorated with a special plaque. 
     Verde Rotary Foundation President Jim Rusk and Club President Charlotte Gates.
Celebrate World Polio Day
     World Polio Day, October 24, 2020, will celebrate the progress we have made toward the eradication of polio and to create awareness of what yet needs to be done.
    We are getting closer to the finish line! Last month the WHO declared the entire continent of Africa free of wild polio virus, having gone three years without a new case.  We must continue until we complete our mission.
     District 5500 will celebrate the day with a program on Zoom from 9:00 -10:30 am Arizona time. The program will include a short history of the disease and Rotary’s pledge to eradicate it, an update on eradication efforts, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s plan for going forward, and how we Rotarians in D5500 can help.
     Your District Rotary Foundation Committee and PDG Michael Drake, PolioPlus Chair, will present the program.
     Go to the District website at www.rotaryd5500.org to register to receive a Zoom invitation.
     If your Club would like to hold its own event, the Tool Kit has ideas, templates, logos, press releases, etc.
     PDG Michael Drake,  District PolioPlus sub-committee Chair, at Michael@DrakeLawAz.com or  520-624-2488
PDG Michael Drake
ARRFC Zone 26  2019-21
RI District 5500, Southern Arizona
Governor 2011-12
DRFC Chair 2016-19
2022 RI Council on Legislation
     Every three years Rotary International holds its Council on Legislation in Chicago.  Each of the 536 Districts around the world sends a delegate to consider and vote on proposed enactments to amend Rotary’s constitutional documents.           They are:  The Constitution of Rotary International, the Bylaws of Rotary International, and the Standard Club Constitution.  If enacted, these proposals can have wide-reaching effects on how Clubs operate.
     The next COL will be held in April, 2022.  Rotary Clubs can submit proposed enactments.  Each proposal must first be approved by the District and must be submitted to RI by December 31, 2020.
     If your club is interested in submitting a proposal, consult How To Propose Enactments and contact PDG Michael Drake, our D5500 delegate to the 2022 COL, at Michael@DrakeLawAz.com or 520-624-2488
Rotary Club of Benson (by Ann Cook)
     Our Peace Pole planted at Benson Hospital. The Rotary symbol is on the other side so that those entering the hospital from the parking lot can see it. This pole has two sides with English; the other two are in Spanish
Plan for Peace Pole Installations
     Ajo  - TBD
     Benson - Benson Hospital - COMPLETED
     Casa Grande - The Perk Park - COMPLETED
     Casa Grande Daybreak - The Perk Park - COMPLETED
     Catalina - All Boys and Girls Clubs
     Coolidge - Municipal Youth Center
     Globe Patriot Park - Train Side/near SE corner
     Marana - TBD
     Marana Dove Mountain - Marana Park on Tangerine
     Mountain View HS Interact - Mountain View HS
     Oro Valley - Innovation Academy
     Pantano - Sabino Canyon
     Pantano - Sabino HS
     Rincon - Tanque Verde Elementary
     SaddleBrooke - Oracle Community Learning Center
     Superior - Besich Park
     Tucson - Reid Park
     Tucson - Literacy Connects
     Tucson Sunrise - Pantano/Speedway River Walk
     Valle Verde - Desert Meadows Park - Green Valley - COMPLETED 
The Rotary Club of Dove Mountain
     The Dove Mountain Rotary Club presented Imago Dei Middle School funds for the materials needed for sewing 10,000 COVID-19 masks. The project, named THREAD (Together for Hope, Resiliency, Empowerment And Development), sustains 23 under-employed and economically disadvantaged refugees and helps the school provide skills training and employment during the pandemic. The donated funds are from Dove Mountain Rotary’s Charitable Fund and a matching grant from Rotary District 5500.
     To date, the group has sewn more than 17,836 masks and two participants have landed positions with local garment makers.
     Imago Dei is a private, tuition-free, Grade 5-8, downtown Tucson middle school exclusively serving low-income families.

     Do you shop on Amazon?  Do you use AmazonSmile??   If not, you’re missing an excellent opportunity to support The Rotary Foundation.
     Thanks to customers shopping at AmazonSmile, everyday purchases generated over $200 million in donations to charities worldwide so far.
   AmazonSmile's impact to date:
  •   $50,563.55 to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International
  • $198,636,544.70 to all charities in the US
  • $215,721,458.97 to all charities worldwide
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