This year is all about change. We have changed the way we conduct our meetings. We have adjusted to the change in norms. Here are some inspiring quotes: "small changes eventually add up to huge results", "old ways won't open new doors", "change brings opportunities", "if nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies", "be the change", "it is the most unhappy people who fear change", "change is inevitable, change is constant, if we don't change, we don't grow if we don't grow we aren't really living". 
Embrace change!
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Listen closely for another Indoor Ride.

On this Valentine’s day, District 5500 announced a great opportunity for all our Clubs to show your community some Rotary Love at this much needed time. 
Due to the many changes in planned District events this year, and therefore, the respective budgets, the District is offering clubs up to $500 for a special project your board identifies to help your community. We have immediate money available to fund your special Rotary Love project. 
Here are the simple steps to take to qualify for the money.:  
1 Club Board approves a special Show Some Rotary Love project that will help your community and the Club must be in "good standing"
2. Provide a brief one-paragraph write-up of your need and plan. Include Public Image.
      Send these to DGND Marc Snow at   
      Include a name and mailing address and the amount of request.
3. A check will be mailed to your club right away. 
4. If any receipts are generated with this project, scan to Marc Snow via email or send them to District 5500 c/o Marc Snow P.O Box 65716, Tucson AZ 85728 
Projects must be completed by June 1st. 

  Need ideas, contact Ray Naylor our District PI Chair
It's that important!

Promoting Rotary to the general public can be as simple as wearing your Rotary pin or as elaborate as organizing an integrated marketing campaign. By increasing the public's understanding of Rotary, we're strengthening our ability to make an impact in communities around the world. Whether you’re new to PR or a professional, we can help. We encourage you to visit the Rotary Brand Center, where you will find a variety of media-ready materials that can be adapted to your needs.

How do I promote my club’s project?

Including a public relations component in your project plan will help ensure your club’s projects and events get the attention and support they deserve. The following ideas can help you create a successful campaign.
Know your local media

  • Develop a media list and keep it current.
  • Get to know local journalists by inviting them to learn more about Rotary, your club, or a specific project.
  • Contact the media with newsworthy story ideas, being sure to:
    • Know your story and anticipate questions.
    • Send background materials immediately following contact.
    • Be persuasive, persistent, and friendly, but not aggressive.

Write a press release that journalists want to read

Once you've developed a relationship with your local reporter, help them remember you through regular contact. Share news about your club projects, fundraising events, or the arrival of Youth Exchange students with a press release. You should:

  • Develop your “news hook,” a persuasive reason for the news media to pursue a story
  • Include the five Ws in the opening paragraph of your press release: who, what, where, when, and why
  • Keep it concise; limit the press release to one page and paste it into the body of your email rather than sending it as an attachment
  • Decide who will respond to media inquiries and include their contact information
  • Include visuals when you send to TV stations

More ideas for promoting Rotary

There are many ways to promote Rotary. You can hold a special event, start a Facebook page, or place a billboard ad.

Resources & reference

Bob Auflick, Rotary Club of Green Valley     
Feedback from his visit to Belfast, Ireland Rotary Club
A while back I sent in a short article about my two zoom club visits (Belfast Maine and Belfast N. Ireland). I got a note from Belfast Maine Rotary stating they had entered me into their Superbowl pool as a way of celebrating our/my visit to their club.
I won  $25.00 dollars.  Below is my email chain showing how I asked their club to use the funds.  
Hi from the Belfast club
Hi Bob,
I have some good news for you!  After you visited our club last month, one of our members purchased four squares for you in our Super Bowl pool, in honor of your visit to us.  I am to let you know that one of your squares won and you won $25!  If you will send me your address, I will get the winnings sent to you.
Here is what I would like you to do with the winnings,   please donate all winnings to a local Rotary Belfast project that could use a little help.
It is my way of "paying it forward".
Thanks so much to you,  your member that made this happen, and your entire club.
So the saga continues:  on my Belfast N. Ireland visit,  this is what they posted on Facebook.
The most critical component of hybrid meetings is the equipment. Those that are meeting in person, must be heard and seen by those online. Spending money on equipment is essential, and will be useful as we adapt to this method of meeting with Rotary members. Click here to download some shared ideas from another District. If you wish to share some additional information, please send it to
April 10th, April 24th, May 8th, 2021
More information to follow as it becomes available.
February 19 -20th, 2021.  This online RYLA will be lead by a phenomenal team of professionals in District 5500! Our youth is our future!

Visit the District Website: LINK Don't miss this opportunity!
Find this year's Club and Participant Guidebooks on the District Website, these will give a detailed explanation of the process.
If your club does plan to participate you will need to send the club entry form and a check for $25.00 made out to District 5500 to me Deb Haddock, by
March 1st. The club entry form is located in the Club Guidebook. Email:
Phone: Home: 520-822-8591 Cell: 520-471-4145
Did I forget to mention? 1st prize is $1,000 - a great incentive for a new college student.
What does your club look and feel like in the next three years?
The District will be introducing a Club Visioning process this year to offer to any clubs looking to reimagine and plan their future.
A new team led by District Governor Designate Nominee
Marc Snow is in the initial stages of creating the facilitation materials, expertise, and processes to help any
District 5500 clubs think through its future vision and the action plan to make it a sustainable reality. We will provide updates as the team works through the pilot phases this spring. 
~Tucson Community-Based Interact Club
We are very excited to announce the new Tucson United Community-Based Interact Club. The Club is currently being organized.  Calling all 11-18-year-old future Rotarians! Please contact Natasha Wrae at for their inclusion in this momentous opportunity to connect students from schools all over the District.  
Please donate, use your AZ tax credit.  Click here.
If you have an article pertaining to the District, please send it to Ray Naylor:
Newsletter articles should be sent to Myron by the  20th of every month, if not earlier! Myron is eagerly waiting to receive and publish your club news!
Russell Hampton
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