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Sunday, November 1, 2020
District 5500 - Welcome to November
      November always reminds me of Thanksgiving back in Geneva, NY; turkey, pumpkin pie and all the fixings including my Mom’s special stuffing. (Never did get that recipe) Then there were the 40+ family members who descended on our house to help us devour all that food! Five courses, maybe six, was very traditional every Thanksgiving. A few games of Mad Libs, laughing so hard you cried, became another tradition after all that gorging.
     Make the best of Thanksgiving this year, it may be a little different than before, but it’s the little things that become memorable. Consider reaching out to those who are alone and celebrate together the best you know how.  It’s still a wonderful time to spend with those you love if only virtual and to be thankful for all that you and your Rotary Club was able to provide to communities in need both locally and across the world.
     District 5500, I must say has plenty going on during November. Let’s start out with November being Foundation Month. Please remember to give to the Rotary Foundation. Every little bit helps. District 5500’s GivSum polio campaign is live and going strong. Consider donating to https://www.givsum.com/charities/district-5500-charitable-fund.   We must not give up on polio eradication; there are still two countries with polio and the number of cases is going up. Rotary still must vaccinate the children.
     Our district is organizing a Visioning Team.  This is not something new to Rotary however it’s a good time to re-institute the program, since our RI president Holger Knaack has requested that Clubs develop a “forward-looking” plan. When was the last time your Club did a visioning “assembly” or a visioning “retreat”? District 5500 has a team that’s putting together a plan to help facilitate visioning for clubs. Please reach out to DGND Mark Snow snowarizona@gmail.com for further information.
     The Youth Team the decision to put together a virtual Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) event on January 22 and 23, 2021. More details to follow.  Please reach out to our District Youth Chair Candace Lansbury youthsrvschair@rotaryd5500.org, for more information. The team is developing a program involving both leadership and teambuilding that we anticipate all our youth will want to attend .
     Virtual Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) will be coming your way. We are incorporating best practices from other Rotary Districts, along with our customization, to bring the best leadership training available in a virtual platform. Do you have new members in your club? When was the last time other members in your club participated in RLI? We will be able to accommodate more students this year, so please, Club Presidents, sign up your members!  Contact Ann Huber  afhuber59@gmail.com for more information. Registration will be available on our website soon.
HAND HANDBAGS FOR HOPE is now in full swing  (see article below). Please check our website https://ci5.googleusercontent.com/proxy/oZvWQGw4a0G_yQwNjrcpQRB-R4u3fGcOi6wGRz7NLRYiW-pG0uDHq_dVedLgb8gp6SZBQaBiVvBjDc_IS2fEsqE6b3JoeILsIs-afpVVzBaxtIFNP9ixm-jsDKkvNPKO8wr-fg=s0-d-e1-ft#https://clubrunner.blob.core.windows.net/00000050063/Images/handbags-for-hope.pngrotaryD5500.org for further information. For Clubs that are now considering this project, you still have time. Why not work with another organization or another Rotary Club?  Collaboration is a way of displaying your solidarity.  Our communities are in desperate need during this pandemic.  These handbags will be invaluable to the women in these shelters. Contact DGE Hank with questions: talk2hank@cox.net
     Clubs, if you have not chosen a President-Elect, please contact Liz Cohn, rotaryliz@aol.com,  ASAP with your selection by November 1st.  Particularly this year,  it’s extremely important.  The PRE-PETS training will begin on November 1st. If you have not heard, President Elect Training (PETS) will be held virtually in March 2021.
     Have a wonderful November. November 1st &  2nd, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead); November 5th Guy Fawkes Day; November 6th National Nacho Day; Veterans Day on Nov. 11th (the Saddlebrooke) RC will have a special memorial celebration on that date); November 13th Caregiver Appreciation Day; November 17th World Peace Day; November 26th Thanksgiving Day in the US. 
Happy November!
District Governor Diane

District Rotary Citation Awards

     “Congratulations to the sixteen Rotary Clubs in our District that have earned a Rotary Citation, the most significant award a Rotary Club can achieve, for 2019-2020. During a year that was challenging for many Rotarians around the world, as noted by the Recognition and Awards Specialist, Julia Donohoe of Rotary International, these Clubs of District 5500 demonstrated a commitment to achieve their goals, which ultimately helps strengthen Rotary and shape our future.

     You should all be very proud for what you achieved!”
Ellie Patterson                         
District Governor, 2019-2020
   The Clubs that received the Rotary Citation during the 2019-2020 Rotary Year are:  Catalina (Tucson), Marana, Marana Dove Mountain, Old Pueblo (Tucson), Pantano (Tucson), Rio Rico, SaddleBrooke, San Luis Frontera, Sierra Vista Sunrise, Sierra Vista West, Tubac, Tucson, Tucson Kino, Valle Verde, Yuma and Yuma Crossing
     Several Clubs in our District received the Rotary Citation with Presidential Distinction for achieving one or more additional goals.   Those Clubs are: Catalina (1), Marana (2), Old Pueblo (1), Pantano (1), Rio Rico (1), SaddleBrooke (4), Sierra Vista Sunrise (1), Sierra Vista West (2), Tucson (3), Tucson Kino (2), and Valle Verde (3).
Your Club and IRS Annual Filing Requirements
Dear 2020-21 Club officer:
     Greetings from Rotary. Your Club and District Support team is contacting you to remind you of the IRS’ annual filing requirement for all Rotary clubs in the U.S. and U.S. territories. 
     Whether your Club is a subordinate under Rotary International’s 501(c)(4) group exemption or is independently tax-exempt, the IRS requires that all Rotary Clubs in the U.S. and its territories file an annual information return. For those Clubs whose tax year follows the Rotary year, the deadline to file is November 15, 2020. The form a Club must file is determined by its gross receipts for the year.             For more information, please see: “Frequently asked questions about annual reporting requirements for exempt organizations” at www.irs.gov.
     It is important that your Club comply with IRS requirements. Please note that Section 6033(j) of the Internal Revenue Code automatically revokes the exemption of any organization that fails to satisfy its filing requirement for three consecutive years.
     Our “Frequently Asked Questions” will answer many of the general questions you may have about Rotary Clubs and the IRS. Please direct any specific questions regarding your Club’s tax-exempt status or reporting requirements to local counsel, your tax adviser, or the IRS at www.irs.gov or 877-829-5500.
     Please note this email has been sent to all Club presidents, secretaries, executive secretaries/directors, and treasurers with a valid email as recorded in our database.
     Thank you for your attention to this important reminder.
           Your CDS Team, rotary.org
                One Rotary Center
                1560 Sherman Avenue
                Evanston, Illinois 60201-3698
The Rotary Club of Dove Mountain  (from Steve Cox)
     Three members of the Dove Mountain Rotary Club and Steve Cox from Tucson Sunrise partnered at the Pima Animal Care Center on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, to bag a LOT of pet food.
     The other PACC volunteers enjoyed and appreciated their help very much.  As a result of their good work, homeless pets and others in need who have pets will have pet food available.
From left, Dave, Brigitte and Joe Hentges, Dove Mountain Rotary
Connect for Good!
Get Involved and Make a Difference!
     When you join a Rotary club, your potential to make a difference in the world grows exponentially. That’s because you’re joining a network of more than 1.2 million people who take action.  They are volunteers from all over the world who share a goal of improving others’ quality of life.  In fact, the top two reasons people join Rotary are to connect with and give back to their communities. These are the same reasons members stay in Rotary year after year. But simply joining isn’t going to change lives or make those connections. That happens when you get involved. You’ll shape your own experience and you’ll decide how to get the most out of your membership.
     You can get involved in Rotary to connect with your Club, your community, and the world. Get involved in ways that align with your passions and you’ll get much more from your experience.
     For more information about ways that you can Connect for Good, please contact District Membership Chair, Joyce Finkelstein at mfinkel2@cox.net.

“Inner Peace In A Time Of Conflict”

Join us soon!  Registration closes November 4th!!

    During this interactive, professionally-facilitated Zoom workshop, you will learn and practice three techniques for responding to conflict that will help restore your inner balance.


The Rotary Club of Mountain Empire (from Anne Gibson, Club Secretary)

     The Mountain Empire Rotary Club has been active with bi-monthly Zoom meetings and has inducted new members Steve Bacon, Mike Veta, and Chris Johnson.
     It continues seeking ways to make a difference in its community. The Club received a District Grant to purchase eight Chromebooks for the local Patagonia Elementary School District. Of the student body, 87 percent are low-income students who did not have the means to participate in "Distance Learning" as needed to resume their education for this school year.
     Mountain Empire Rotary will actively participate not only in a reading-at-home program with the Primary Grade students through their Chromebooks, but also by tutoring, via their Chromebooks, individual students who will benefit from one-on-one guidance.
     Previously the Club used a COVID-19 Relief Grant to assist in providing daily home-cooked meals for these students since the local school has been shut down.           It also supplied 60 laptop sleeves to Elgin School. And it has provided 150 high-quality books to the local school children during the summer so they could continue reading while the local library and the schools were not offering summer programs.
     The Club has hosted Welcome Back Brunches for the entire staffs of the local public schools.
     While Mountain Empire has focused on advancing literacy, it has also continued to support its community by donating animal traps to Patagonia to assist the town with its problem of feral cats.
     It has also sponsored two events to which folks can bring scrap metal, all sizes of appliances and electronics for recycling.
     The Mountain Empire Rotary Club continues to be the most supportive and engaged organization in the Patagonia, Sonoita, and Elgin communities.   
     Gracias a la vida!
Charlie Reppenhagen
     “I just wanted to share with you that Charlie passed away last night (10/21).  We are glad that he is now free of pain and is in The Lord's arms.  We are planning a service sometime in February when we can arrange for more family to be with us.
     Charlie's favorite charities were The Wounded Warrior Project, The Community Food Bank of Southern AZ, and St. Francis-In-Valley.
     Thanks for your continued support.”
Julianne Reppenhagen, PDG 2010 – 2011, RI District 7980
Green Valley Rotary                                                                
The Rotary Club of Rincon  (from Steve Pedigo)
     On Monday, October 29, 2020, the Rincon Rotary Club continued its robust support for Youth on Their Own.  Its generous and dedicated Rotarians donated 312 pairs of socks for homeless students as one of many local teams involved with YOTO's "3rd Annual Socobter Challenge".
     The Club’s delivery team included Steve Pedigo, President, Fred Muthard, Secretary, Candace Lansberry, Immediate Past President, and Wendy Hobbs, Director for Club Administration.
     The Club thanks YOTO's Soctober Challenge Project Officers: Ms. Rachel Pollack, and Ms. Kristen Ohman.
The Rotary Club of Kino
Dictionary Video
     "The object of the Rotary Dictionary Project is to provide third-grade students with a dictionary of their very own that will serve them at least through elementary and middle school. Many educators and researchers see this as a key to better reading, speech, and writing. These skills will improve student performance in other subjects as well.
     Receiving the dictionaries directly from Rotary members also benefits students when they can meet successful adults in their community who care enough about them to purchase these dictionaries and come to their school to present them personally.
     But, because they were unable to distribute the dictionaries in person due to the pandemic this year,  the Kino Club created a video .  The link is: https://youtu.be/sXD60FxTjn0 .
     Thinking Outside the Box" is truly a capability of this Club.  Very, very well done, Kino Club!"
     "Thank you!"
DG Diane Ventura-Goodyear        
District 5500 Rotary Leadership Institute Organizing to Serve Club Interests and Needs
     The Rotary Leadership Institute is a multi-District, grassroots leadership development program recommended by RI for member Districts.  The program seeks to provide quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills to Rotarians interested in increasing their participation. RLI is an exceptional training program for members new to Rotary, for those interested in serving as Club leaders and for everyone interested in gaining or renewing his or her interest in Rotary.  These educational opportunities will teach skills that will benefit Rotarians in their lives and in their volunteer service.
     The RLI curriculum is divided into three parts and is usually conducted as an in-person day of training with participants in all three sections coming together to learn and grow.
     Historically, in District 5500, RLI has been scheduled for late January.  However, for this Rotary Year, the Institute is exploring to on-line training.
     To learn more about RLI, please visit rotaryleadershipinstitute.org or email Bob Shogren, D5500 RLI Coordinator at bobshogren1960@gmail.com.       More information coming soon! 
The Rotary Club of Benson (from Irene Frey)
The Food Pantry Project
The former food pantry
     This year the Benson Rotary Club applied for and received a District Grant to help its local food pantry find a new home.  The food pantry in Benson is absolutely essential to the community. It serves hundreds of people every week by distributing more than 45,000 pounds of food per month.
     This current endeavor for the Benson Club all started with an ominous letter the pantry received in June at the height of the pandemic in Arizona. This letter stated that the rent was going up from $650 a month to $1650 a month. This increase was simply not something the pantry could absorb.
     When the Benson Rotary Club learned what was happening, its members immediately moved to help. After all, it was an organization the Club had previously supported.
     Many of its members began searching for a new location and eventually helped review more than a dozen possibilities. The location selected needed some work so the Club applied for a District Grant.  After getting the Grant, the work began!
     The Grant helped with the move by paying for the concrete work as well as providing shelving and office supplies for the new location. (Those are still pending arrival).
     The work began with a new slab of concrete to support the forklift and the unloading of trucks.           Then the pantry received an updated electrical system, new paint and a new sign and was ready to open in its new location.
     The Club is happy to have been a part of such an amazing community project here in Benson. The pantry was able to remain open while moving into a newer and better location. This project has brought the pantry and the Club closer together.
     And now, several Rotarians are volunteering more time than ever with the pantry!
The new food pantry
New Member Barbara Grapp
     Barbara Grapp is the Benson Club’s newest member.  She is the Guidance Counselor, CTE Director, and District Testing Coordinator at St. David Unified School. She and her husband of 42 years live in St David. They have four children and 13 grandchildren. Their family enjoys helping others so Rotary is a great fit for them!
Peace Pole Raffle
     Would you, your business, church, club or organization like to have a Peace Pole?  The Rotary Club of Benson is having a raffle for one or more depending on the number of tickets sold.
     Ticket prices are $10 per ticket or 3 for $25 with one winner for every $1000 worth of tickets sold.
     Proceeds from the raffle will be used for school supplies, dictionaries for third-graders, Student of the Month Awards for the three elementary schools and for scholarships for high school students.      Winners will be able to choose the classic 6-foot pole or the 4-foot Sun-and-Moon pole. Winners will also be able to choose which languages to put on their poles. To see which languages are available, go to "shoppeace.org".  The winners can also have their poles shipped directly to them.
     To purchase tickets, please send your requests to:  rotarybenson@gmail.com.
     You will receive your tickets via email or text. No money will be due until you receive the copy of your tickets. When payment is received, your tickets will be placed in the hopper.
     Please made checks out to “The Rotary Club of Benson” and give them to a Club member or mail them to: The Rotary Club of Benson, PO Box 711, Benson AZ 85602.
"Three Worlds, One Voyage"
     Three Worlds, One Voyage: Cruising to Antarctica (and Trying to get Home) during the Coronavirus Pandemic  (from Donald G. Jorgensen, Ph.D., CEAP)
     U.S. State Department  "If you choose to travel internationally, your travel plans may be severely disrupted, and you may be forced to remain outside of the United States for an indefinite timeframe." 
     Three Worlds, One Voyage is the vivid, first-hand account of a small expedition cruise to Antarctica in March 2020 just as COVID-19 exploded across the globe.
     The author recounts the real-life challenge of finding a way home as the virus spread, reports of sick cruise ships grew, international flight cancellations multiplied, and port after port turned the ship away. The engrossing day-by-day account tracks the extended voyage as the author shares how the ongoing crisis forced him to address personal challenges while all passengers and crew faced new questions daily:
  • Will the ship be stranded at sea?
  • Will passengers be quarantined in Argentina?
  • Will the U.S. let its own citizens back into the country?
  • Will everyone be forced to spend another three to four weeks on board?
  • Will all passengers be required to sail on to Europe?
     This book is a great read not just for the unexpected impact of facing a global pandemic abroad, but for anyone wanting to know more about an active expedition cruise, as captivating stories and photos take you on a journey across the Drake Passage and into the vast Antarctic peninsula. The author delivers fascinating facts about the icy continent, a freezing water encounter, walking among penguins and kayaking among incredible icebergs, hungry seals and humpback whales.
     Three Worlds, One Voyage is available in paperback or e-book format at Amazon.com.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0578770245?pf_rd_r=CEA1XHD9X1FDEE84AF6X
     Profits from the book will benefit ShelterBox USA, the global disaster relief organization.  
     Don Jorgensen is the founder of Jorgensen Healthcare Associates and owner of Human Factor Consulting. He is a worldwide speaker and consultant in the areas of change leadership, performance improvement and behavioral health.  He has visited more than 40 countries and all seven continents. He has established addiction treatment programs and employee assistance programs in the US that have brought recovery and growth to thousands of individuals and families. He has been interviewed by media in the US, Canada, Ireland and China, and has authored books and articles on such topics as Children of Alcoholics, Demonstrating Value and The Impact of Change. Don is also a cancer survivor and a rapidly slowing runner. He lives in Tucson, Arizona, and Seattle, WA, with his wife, Kathy.
Donald G. Jorgensen, Ph.D., CEAP
Human Factor Consulting, LLC
The Rotary Club of Green Valley (from Pat Pease)
        A very successful day for Green Valley Rotary at the Sensory Garden with just the right amount of participation and flawless teamwork. Special thanks to Chris Nastase (His wife, Laura, ran for Sahuarita City Council last year.), who went home and brought back his cordless Sawzall, which saved us a day's work, and to Paul Loomans, whose drilling of pilot holes while I drove in the lag screws cut the panel mounting chore in half. Chris and Scott Lamb wrestled the panels into place, the only heavy lifting chore of the day. Wrightstown Principal Shelly Lizardi and two teachers assembled the benches, and Jerry Kriebel and Eric Jiran assembled the swing. Thanks to Jack Carter, who supplied his truck for hauling the boxed swing and benches to the site.      Aaaaaaaaand, apologies to Nick Clement, who arrived for the second shift (based on very old email) only to find no one there and everything done.
Handbags Of Hope Service Project Update
     The “Handbags of Hope,” a D5500 service project, originally scheduled for completion at the September District Conference, will go forward for collection and delivery to previously identified D5500 Regional “shelters” in November 2020.
     Women escaping domestic violence or leaving a dangerous situation are often more vulnerable and without resources during the holidays. D5500 Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors are asked to donate gently used large handbags with items listed below:
  • A small bar of soap or body wash
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Body or hand lotion
  • Wash cloth
  • Socks
  • Dental Floss
  • Razors
  • Deodorant
  • Sunscreen
  • Comb/small hairbrush
  • Chapstick
  • Kleenex
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Band-Aids (4 to a plastic snack bag)
  • Hand sanitizer & antibacterial wipes
     Participating Clubs (Clubs in a region are encouraged to collaborate) are asked to identify and contact potential facilities in their regions to know how many handbags will be needed.
     Project volunteers.  Please take photos of the service project (Smartphone in a horizontal position using a high resolution) for display on the D5500 website and at the District Conference.  Email your two best photos with a short description, the number of handbags donated, and the Rotary Club point of contact to DGE Hank Huisking, talk2hank@cox.net by November 30th, 2020.
The Rotary Club of San Luis Frontera  (from Marcos Ramirez)
     President Louie Galaviz and Alicia Muñoz, along with City of San Luis Mayor Gerardo Sanchez and Omar Velazquez of the Parks Division, presented a community member with an electric scooter.
     A Club member donated the scooter. The Club purchased new batteries and the City of San Luis Park and Recreation Department went over the scooter and made any needed adjustments.
     A local resident (who wishes not to be identified), when presented with the scooter, said that it would help greatly, because, due to an illness, it was hard to walk.
The Rotary Club of Tucson Sunrise
David Wolsky
     Rotary Tucson Sunrise is deeply saddened about the sudden passing of David Wolsky on Sunday, September 27, 2020.  David was one of the Club’s longest-serving and most dedicated members. He was a Past President and its Director for The Rotary Foundation. He showed up for everything, not just meetings and went out of his way to welcome guests.  He was a mortgage broker and a water-color artist. He loved his family, dogs, the Cubs and the Rotary Foundation.  He rode in The Ride to End Polio and deeply believed in that project.”  At our Holiday Party, his ugly sweater read, “Come on, Baby!  Light my Menorah!”
     The Club’s next meeting was dedicated to celebrating David, his life, his deep love of Rotary, and to sharing our memories of this generous and loyal husband, father, and Rotarian.
World Polio Day;  Bruegger's Bagels Express
     On Saturday morning, October 24, 2020, for World Polio Day, members of Tucson Sunrise did a Walk to End Polio from Tucson Village Farm to the Racquet Club and back, then had breakfast at the Bruegger’s Bagels at Campbell and Speedway.  It is one of the now two Bruegger’s Bagels where the Club collects unsold bagels and takes them to the Tucson Food Share for distribution to those in need.
Indoor Rides to End Polio Are Scheduled in November

     Following appropriate safety procedures, several Indoor Rides to End Polio are scheduled to take place in our District during November.  The El Tour/Ride to End Polio has been postponed until April 10, 2021, however, several Clubs are moving forward with Indoor Rides during the traditional November period of the El Tour/Ride to End Polio using various formats and not necessarily indoors.
     Indoor Ride alternatives include: team members riding their own stationary bikes; team members riding the stationary bikes at their fitness clubs; individual team members organizing small-group outdoor rides such as on The Rillito River Loop; some Clubs have one person riding his or her own stationary bike.
     Whatever the format, Club members are encouraged to support these riders.
     The D5500 Rotary Clubs with teams that have stepped forward so far to defeat this devastating disease and would welcome financial support are: Pantano Rotary Polio Eradicators; Kino Rotary Club, Saddlebrooke Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Sierra Vista Sunrise, Rotary Club of Tucson and the Rotary Club of Vail.  (For more information, contact Charlotte Harris at charharris@aol.com.)
     Several other Rotary Clubs that have planned Indoor Rides to End Polio this fall, are, to date, in Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado and Canada. Other Clubs are considering Indoor Rides for this fall or during El Tour in April 2021.
     Remember that all donations in support of riders are credited towards one’s next Paul Harris Fellow and, for the polio effort, all donations are matched by the Gates Foundation 2 to 1!
The Rotary Club of Yuma Foothills (from Dit Blackburn)
     The Yuma Foothills Rotary Club held its 5th Annual Mesa Del Sol Golf Tournament on Saturday, September 26, 2020.  The Tournament attracted more than 40 team and non-player sponsors.  Sponsorship signs at the tee boxes during play helped drive the Club’s best year yet despite apprehension about participation due to COVID-19.
    The Tournament had participation from 22 teams totaling 88 playera.
    It seems that people wanted to get out and do something!
       The young folks holding boxed lunches are Jersey Mike's Subs employees who delivered and helped hand out those lunches to the players as they drove by the Clubhouse. (They wore masks but we asked them to take them off for the photo.). Each player and volunteer got one box which included a sub sandwich, a cookie, and bag of chips. Darned tasty too! 
     The Club is already looking forward to its 6th annual event!


     Please submit your Club’s news by the 20th of each month. The Clubs’ Showcase will be distributed on the first of each month.
     Show off your Club.  Tell us what your Club and your members are doing for our communities and for the world.  Please share your best practices and what you have learned while doing your projects.  Rotary Clubs all learn from each other!
     Our new editor, Myron Donald, is waiting for your articles. Please send articles as attachments in Word or in the body of an e-mail.  Please don't send PDF files.  Please send any photos as attachments with the highest resolution possible and not embedded in your email.  PDFs and embedded photos are difficult to transfer to ClubRunner.
     Thank you!
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Nov 07, 2020
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Rotary Zones 26/27 Institute
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Various Locations
Nov 20, 2020 – Nov 21, 2020
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