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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

March is Water and Sanitation Month
From DG Anita McDonald              (anitamcd@rotaryd5500.org)
Arizona Rotary Days of Service (April 15 – 23, 2023)
     The purpose of the Arizona Days of Service is to increase awareness of Rotary throughout the State and to invite non-Rotarians to engage with us in some of our Service Projects, therefore, learning more about Rotary.
     This effort is open to all Clubs in the District.  Listen to DG Anita speak about this activity here: https://youtu.be/MrwFzbsYB6c
     Sign up your clubs project by completing the short. fillable, form by clicking on https://portal.clubrunner.ca/50063/Documents/en-ca/2526c72c-801e-42cd-8802-23f492c92fc1/1/
The Rotary Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund
Turkey, Syria, Ukraine
     We have all seen the pictures and heard the stories about the devastation in Turkey and Syria as we continue to focus efforts on the victims of the attacks in Ukraine. Each time I see the impact these events have on the survivors, especially the children, it brings tears to my eyes.
     I am so grateful for the response of The Rotary Foundation in creating the opportunities thru the Disaster Relief Fund for all of us to provide support to those in these three countries and even here in the United States.
     For the complete article, go to:
Yours in Rotary,
ShelterBox Responds to Turkey and Syria Earthquakes
(from DGE Don Jorgensen. donjorgensen@comcast.com) 
     The humanitarian need in Turkey and Syria is immense and growing – it's the most devastating earthquake to hit the region in 100 years. The death toll has surpassed 45,000 and is likely to continue to rise.
     Thousands of buildings have been destroyed in both countries leaving people homeless, with nowhere to sleep, in the middle of a bitter winter.
Rillito River Clean-Up
The Rotary Club of Valle Verde
The Rotary Club of Tucson Sunset

(From PDG Diane Ventura-Goodyear, Tucson Sunset Rotary Club PI Chair)



     This is all thanks to the coordination of the Tucson Sunset Rotary Club, the generous offer from BajaBridges, the Gospel Rescue Mission, and fast action from the Tucson Housing and Community Development Department
     Sunset Rotary Club had less than three days to arrange for a truck from Mesa to Tucson, and to find a location with a forklift and room for the pallets! Thanks to the quick action of Denny Scanlan for reaching out to the Gospel Rescue Mission; who immediately agreed!
     The food availability was sent to Mayor Regina Romero and immediately forwarded to Allison Chappell from Tucson Housing & Community Development.
     The recipients were: Community Bridges, five pallets; Salvation Army, three pallets; Primavera Men's Shelter and Drop-in Shelter, three pallets; Gospel Rescue Mission, three pallets; Sister José, one pallet; Old Pueblo Community Services, one pallet; and the Wildcat Inn, four pallets.
     In less than a week, all the pallets were picked up or delivered!
     (The food packages were: Chicken Pasta Parmesan, Turkey Chili with Beans, Beef Chili with Beans, and Vegetarian Chili with Beans.)


The Rotary Club of Marana
Feed My Starving Children - February 2023 Joint Rotary Service Project
Tucson Mobile Pack 2023
Thanks for your support!

Tucson Sunset RC
Catalina RC
  Dove Mountain RC
Oro Valley RC
50 Lacrosse Foothills HS Students
10 students from the Tucson United Interact Club
82 "Hairnet Helpers" !
Hi everyone: 

     Thanks to all of you for your efforts this year in rallying people to serve at the 2023 Feed My Starving Children mobile pack!  This year, the Tucson community turned out more meals than ever with about 5,000 volunteers from more than 150 organizations coming together to pack meals last week on the campus of the Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene (Outreach Pastor David Hillis).
     The volunteers included first responders, military, schools, businesses, civic groups, school and university groups, churches, non-profits, and Rotary groups.
     Acting together, we together surpassed our goal of 1.1 million by packing 1,122,120 meals!  In our final shift, we shut down a half hour early; we had packed everything available!
     These meals are now en route to Haiti and to South Africa, where FMSC deemed them most urgently needed.
     This year’s effort helps ensure, that, for this year, more than 3,000 children will have a meal a day for an entire year.
     Please pass this great news along to your group.  You were all a part of this success story!
Outreach Pastor David Hillis
Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene
PDG Diane Ventura-Goodyear
Public Image Chair Tucson Sunset RC
The Rotary Club of Dove Mountain
The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona
(from PDG Diane Ventura-Goodyear)  
TRVFA (501c3) is an organization that meets Arizona's Credit for Contribution to a Qualifying Charitable Organization.  Up to $400 for individuals or $800 for couples filing jointly.
AZ TAX CREDIT (if applicable)
QCO Code is 20698

A Forum on Human Trafficking

     Join the Rotary Club of Marana and 16 District 5500 Peacebuilder Clubs on Saturday, April 15, 2023 at the Pima Community College West Campus Performing Arts Center, 2202 W Anklam Rd, Tucson, AZ from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm for this highly important forum.
     To register go to maranarotary.org. Below the logo about Human Trafficking is the button to register.
     For more information, please contact Randy Brooks at randy@randy-brooks.com



The Rotary Club of Rincon                       (from Mike Esparza)
The Rotary Clubs of Mountain Empire and Benson
The Rotary Club of Tucson Sunrise
(from Myron Donald)
2022 Hollinger Rotary Four Way Test Graduates
     Tom Forsythe and Anne Harman, of Tucson Sunrise, are teaching the Rotary Four Way Test at Hollinger Elementary School.  They visited the graduates of last year's class for a group hug!  The first think they said to Tom is, "Is it the truth?"!!!
UA Rotaract
(from Myron Donald)
Cultural Exchange with Interactors and Rotaractors from Armenia
     Saturday February 4, 2023, from 6:00-8:00 pm. at the University of Arizona Education Building, 15 Interactors and Rotaractors from Armenia presented dancing and music to 11 UofA Rotaractors and about 15 Rotarians, host families and friends.
The Armenian zither-like instrument is called “the qanun, kanun, ganoun or kanoon”.  The word written in Armenian is: քանոն.
     The woman playing it said that it has 72 strings and takes her a half hour to tune it!
Game for the World
    Saturday evening, February 18, 2023, five UofA Rotaractors and three Sunrise Rotarians met for pizza and tea and to play Game for the World.
     The game is the focus of a Global Grant intended to provide the educational game about AIDS/HIV to schools in Kenya and to train teachers about the game.  The game uses a die and three sets of cards that teach facts about AIDS/HIV, its transmission, treatment, social aspects and how deal with them while advancing around the board.
Correction to the February 1, 2023, Club’s Showcase
     The February 1, 2023, Club’s Showcase, should have recognized Jennifer Sprung for her deep commitment to RYLA 2023.  She was mis-identified as Jessica Sprung.  Our apologies to Jennifer.
The Rotary Club of Tucson Verde
(from Kasia Yuska)
     The Rotary Club of Tucson Verde “cowgirls” collected aluminum cans at the Tucson Rodeo.  The cans will be cashed in and the proceeds donated to a charitable cause. The “cowgirls” also collected plastic bottles for the City Of Tucson plastic recycling program.
     The “girls” appreciate the support of Catalina Rotary for their project.
The Rotary Club of Tucson
(from Lee Olitsky)
The Rotary Club of Douglas
(from Kristine Gomez)

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Please add mailservice@clubrunner.ca to your safe sender list or address book.
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