Page Stories
This is where to look if you need a Speaker for your club.  If you have someone you'd like to recommend as a Speaker, please email:
Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Center
The Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Center offers numerous programs and training including a Book Club, Summer Workshops, and Trainings.  Contact Sarah or Noemi if you'd like to learn more.  
Raquel Goodrich - Deputy Director
National Institute for Civil Discourse
P: 520-621-0082
Mark Landess - Border Patrol Agent
A fascinating look into the depth, challenges and successes of the agency in charge of securing our borders.
Joan Gilbert - "Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety"
Open a dialogue about how we can retain our Constitutional rights without endangering our children
Ray Naylor - D5500 Service Project Chair
If you'd like help in identifying or improving a club Service Project, contact Ray. 
Ed Davis - American Legion Dept. of Arizona
So how much do you really understand about the American Legion?  You'll be surprised at how little that is.
Pearce Paul Creasman, PhD - U/A Lab of Tree Ring Research
Think tree-ring research is boring?  You'll be amazed at how fascinating it can be to learn history from a tree
Pearce Paul Creasman, PhD - U/A Egyptian Expedition
Learn more about how the U/A is working in Egypt to discover past mysteries
Debbie Chandler - ARC (Administration of Resources and Choices)
Did you realize that if you are unemployed, you may qualify to have your mortgage paid for up to 2 years?  There are even more resources available through ARC.