Page Stories
This is where to look if you need a Speaker for your club.  If you have someone you'd like to recommend as a Speaker, please email:
The Rotarian's Charity: THE ROTARY FOUNDATION
Kristi Halvorson, District Rotary Foundation Chair -
The history of The Rotary Foundation and an overview of all the different aspects and programs.  Great for new members and an update and reminder for our seasoned Rotarians.
Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Center
The Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Center offers numerous programs and training including a Book Club, Summer Workshops, and Trainings.  Contact Sarah or Noemi if you'd like to learn more.  
Raquel Goodrich - Deputy Director
National Institute for Civil Discourse
P: 520-621-0082
Mark Landess - Border Patrol Agent
A fascinating look into the depth, challenges and successes of the agency in charge of securing our borders.
Joan Gilbert - "Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety"
Open a dialogue about how we can retain our Constitutional rights without endangering our children
Ray Naylor - D5500 Service Project Chair
If you'd like help in identifying or improving a club Service Project, contact Ray. 
Ed Davis - American Legion Dept. of Arizona
So how much do you really understand about the American Legion?  You'll be surprised at how little that is.
Pearce Paul Creasman, PhD - U/A Lab of Tree Ring Research
Think tree-ring research is boring?  You'll be amazed at how fascinating it can be to learn history from a tree
Pearce Paul Creasman, PhD - U/A Egyptian Expedition
Learn more about how the U/A is working in Egypt to discover past mysteries
Debbie Chandler - ARC (Administration of Resources and Choices)
Did you realize that if you are unemployed, you may qualify to have your mortgage paid for up to 2 years?  There are even more resources available through ARC.