Step By Step Guide:
  Survey club members and analyze to develop an action plan semi-annually 
  Identify a mentor for each new member
  Identify members who miss consecutive meetings and contact them
  Recognize members on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Rotary anniversaries
  Identify at-risk members and interview them to find out what can be done to retain them 
  Create a Rotary Brand experience (Rotary is fun and rewarding with community involvement)
  Use the website and regularly to find Membership tools
  Make sure all members are engaged on some level
         Tid Bits:  
  Socialize periodically as a club and include family members
  Ask members to give a brief summary of their careers during a regular meeting
  Share a Happy Buck to welcome a new member
  Share your club's accomplishments at every meeting and on Social Media
  When asked "What is Rotary?", answer with why you joined and/or why you stay
         Think About This:
  Do you remember statistics or stories?  If you want to motivate, use stories.  Brainstorm with your club to build a story
around your club and use that to attract participants.  A proper story has a setting, characters, plot, challenges, and solution.
Don't focus on membership; build the excitement about the club - membership will follow.
  Start a Passport Club
  Meet at different locations
  Socialize and/or meet with other clubs
  Offer different meal options
  Review budget to determine if dues can be reduced
         Attracting Millennials:
  They want to serve others; they don't want to go to meetings
  They don't believe in Status Above Self; they truly believe in Service Above Self