'Sustainable Rotary Club Project’
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What is a Sustainable Club?
When RI Director John Matthews became Zone 25/26 Director in 2017, he kicked off a pilot program for about 100 clubs called the Sustainable Rotary Club Project. Clubs who agreed to participate in the Project for Rotary Year 2018-19 signed a written commitment to a single goal of sustained growth for three consecutive years.   Four clubs from District 5500 took the challenge:  RC of Catalina, RC of Green Valley, RC of Sierra Vista, and RC of Yuma North End.
Best Practices of a Sustainable Club:
  • Make meetings and projects fun.  Adhering to ‘rules’ is not as important as having fun
  • Participate in community and international projects.  Encourage guests and invite influential members of the community to your projects.
  • Foster Friendship.  Treat members and guests with respect and develop an unselfish atmosphere during club meetings.
  • Make “Membership” a club goal.  Develop a written plan to growth and retain quality members.
2018-19 CLUB   COMMITMENT  CHECKLISThttps://clubrunner.blob.core.windows.net/css/PageDesigner/images/edit.pngEdit Subpage Content
1.  The Club’s Officers and Board of Directors have voted to commit to sustain a net gain in membership for a three year period of time (2018-2021).  (Date voted:  _______________ )
2.  The President, President-Elect, and Membership Chair have signed the Commitment Letter.
3.  The three signees have printed their names and provided their email and preferred telephone number at the bottom of the Commitment Letter.
4.  A Club member has been assigned as the lead Rotarian to have periodic telephone or email communication with Project Manager PDG Deniel Banks (or possibly an Assistant Rotary Coordinator).  That name and contact information has been forwarded to her.
5.  The Club’s Pre-Assessment Checklist has been completed and is attached for use by the Project Manager and the information can be shared with other Clubs
6.  When the designated representative of the Club is contacted, they will share information with the Project Manager about what is working and what is not plus indicate new ideas being tried to both attract and keep their members.  
7.   The Club’s designated representative is willing to provide the Club’s monthly membership count.
8.  Throughout the Project, the Club is willing to share information and ideas that might help other Clubs.