Club Qualification for Foundation Grants

District 5500 has adopted policies for club qualification to apply for Foundation grants. These policies apply to both District Grants and Global Grants.
A summary of these requirements includes: 
Grant Management Seminar.  At least two club members must complete the D5500 Grants Management Seminar (GMS) and report completion to their Club President/President-Elect. The expectation is that both participants will complete the training in the Rotary Year prior to the year of the grant funds request. An exception to this rule can be made on a case by case basis as reviewed by the Chair of the D5500 Grants Committee. 
       To watch a Video of the 2021-2022 District Grant Management Seminar click here:  21-22 GMS
Good Standing.  Club must be in “good standing.”  That is, the Club has no outstanding indebtedness to Rotary International or to District 5500, AND, in the preceding Rotary year, the Club President-Elect attended an approved President-Elect Training Seminar (PETS).
MOU. Club President and the President-Elect serving in the year of the grant funds request must agree to and sign a qualification Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and submit it to the District Stewardship Chair Gary Friedman. The MOU template can be found at this link:  2020-2021 Club Qualification MOU pdf     2020-2021 Club Qualification MOU docx
Foundation Chair.   By July 1 of every new Rotary year, the incoming club president must appoint a club Rotary Foundation Chair and report the name and contact information to the Chair of the District Rotary Foundation Committee, Teree Bergman,  and to the Stewardship sub-committee, Gary Friedman.
For additional assistance regarding Club Qualification for RY 2020-2021 contact the D5500 Stewardship Chair, Gary Friedman.