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District 5500 Virtual Four-Way Test Speech Contest
Saturday April 15th 2023 at 9:00 a.m.
2022-2023 TOPIC
Using the Rotary Four Way Test as the guideline:” How can the Rotary Four Way Test promote the inclusion of and equitable acceptance of people in culturally diverse communities?”
(Communities could be where someone lives, goes to school, organizations they belong to, where they work)
The Purpose of the Four-Way Test Speech Contest
The purpose of the Four-Way Test Speech Contest is to foster ethics in everyday life, as well as in business. The contest is designed to introduce high school students to the Rotary principles of ethics and service, and to involve local Rotary Clubs with the youth of their communities. It also is aimed at encouraging young people to learn to express themselves well in public. In nearly every profession, the ability to express one’s thoughts and ideas clearly, concisely, and persuasively is an important skill.
The specific goals of the contest are as follows:
  • To acquaint youth with Rotary, and, specifically, the tenets of the Four-Way Test.
  • To demonstrate and enhance Rotarians’ commitment to youth.
  • To heighten awareness of Rotary among parents, school officials, and the community.
  • To recognize, encourage, and reward accomplishment in our youth.
  • To encourage high school students to develop public speaking skills.
Contest rules and information for student participants and clubs are in the 2022-2023 Guidebooks which are on the District Website or you can contact Deb Haddock and she will email them to you.
Please contact Deb Haddock at: if you have any questions.