District Grants 
 Round 2:   $250 - $2,000
The second round of District Grant funding starts October 9, 2023.  District Grants are administered by D5500 with funds that D5500 Rotarians contributed to the Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund three (3) years ago.  They are used to fund small-scale, short-term projects that address needs in local and international communities.  Within D5500, district grants are specifically intended to promote humanitarian club projects that involve the active, personal participation of D5500 Rotarians.  D5500 District Grants must be directly related to the mission of The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and approved by D5500.
Club Qualification
Your club must be qualified each year to use District Grant funds.   See the Qualification Webpage.
2023-24 District Grants
Click here for:  Grant Management Webinar for 2023-24  A minimum of two members must view the Grant Management Seminar for your club to qualify to use District Grant funds.  The contact person for a District Grant application must have viewed it as well, and can be one of the two required viewers.
To View a 10 minute video on the grant application process: Click Here
Applications for 2023-24 District Grants are in Member Section of Clubrunner and can be applied for until April 2024, although all projects must be completed by May 1, 2024.  To submit an application in ClubRunner: Click Here.
If your District Grant Project is International, you must fill out this International Form and load it into the Document Section of your Application in ClubRunner's Grant Module.
District Changes in Policy for 2023-24:
  1. Grants range from $250 to $4,000 in the first round, $250 to $2,000 in the second round.
  2. There is a new application and final report process online in the D5500 ClubRunner Grant Module.
  3. Grant funds may be used to fund a prior club project if the beneficiaries are new.
  4. The contact person on a District Grant must take the Grant Management Seminar or Webinar.
  5. The District Grant application deadline is extended from July 15th to July 31st.
  6. All receipts for expenditures must be collected and retained.
  7.  There is no Area of Focus requirement or sustainability issues like in Global Grants, although it is encouraged.
  8. Support of the Annual Fund may be used if the grant requests exceed the available District Grant funds.
For additional assistance for District Grants contact District Grant Chair Audrey Tolouian, Grants Subcommittee Chair Barbara Kiernan or District Rotary Foundation Chair Kristi Halvorson